Inspire Foundation helping to improve the lives of youths

Inspire Foundation helping to improve the lives of youths
D'Anthony Charles.
D’Anthony Charles.

PRESS RELEASE – Founder of the Inspire Foundation as well as the Chief Development Officer of Tolyn Manufactures, and CTSL Marketing Mr. D’Anthony Charles does it again for the Holy Family Children’s Home.

Charles who has been dubbed the Caribbean’s most unorthodox Communications, Sales and Marketing Consultant, has proven one thing via his corporate social responsibility, he is good at what and he does it amazingly well.

“I read some advice from a motivational speaker, Rohn, and took it to heart,” says Charles, “he noted that everything a person needs to be successful has already been written, but only three percent (3%) of us have library cards.

I realized that was an easy was to educate myself and get into the game, read.  Over the years I have read some over 2000 books, it’s about highlighting the important points, the ones that stand out, usually the five diamond info, and entering it into a data base for future reference.”

When he finds himself in a tight situation, he simply, peruses the advice of his “consultants” and then as his track record proves make a good decision. Charles who has published numerous magazine projects notes,” Put it into practice, anyone who is in business is in show business, you are on the stage of industry…… you must be able to convey the message of whatever you are selling in such a way that prospective customers will find it interesting and have complete confidence in what you are delivering.

Charles a longtime patron of the children’s home, once again without fail has come to the aid of the organization for the 2014 annual dinner, “vwa pou  mame” (Voices for Children)  the creole theme hosted Holy Family Children’ Home.

Inspire Foundation team, and Charles’ family strive to assist the home through Tolyn Manufactures donation products, CTSL Marketing Planning and coordinating the event once again with the Sister Antonia David and team, CTSL Marketing with Helen Television System providing advertising support and Inspire Foundation team providing manpower from its volunteers.

He went on to say, “let’s not forget Windjammer Landing, ECFH, HTS and Helen FM, JE Begasse, Lucelec, CFL, WASCO, TiKaye Village, who constantly year after year do the something, its more than just  corporate social responsibility for these companies, I strongly believe they share the same goal as the Inspire Foundation which is to simply “to inspire”, and to condition our children early in life to understand that they are somebody, other than what the world says they are.

Inspire Foundation encourages young people to be dedicated to something positive therefore lessening the attraction of drugs, crime, negative peer alliance, delinquent behaviour but greater lessening the interference of worthlessness and we’ve only just began here at The Inspire Foundation.

We are so grateful here to be able to do this. The Inspire Foundation may not be as cool as many, but at some point we have fun doing our job. Even on tough days we still can’t wait to get into “flow.” The gratitude here is infectious ad helps grow the intangible that leads to great bottom line, cohesive family business and team glory. It’s about connection and chemistry with the team that breeds confidence and moves us to give back.

Mr. D’Anthony Charles ended with, “I am so grateful to the sponsors old and new, as well as all the artiste who have volunteered their time to this event. Such as Che Campeche’s Carlton “Coaks” Cyril, the Duet, Arnold Jules, Joyce Mederick, Makaila StPrix, Gajanan Nataraj, Gregory Piper & Youth Orchestra, Germaine Alexander and so many more.  I would also like to encourage others to participate and attend the Holy Family Children’s Home dinner on Sunday 12th October 2014, from 6pm at Gaiety Rodney Bay, Themed “vwa pou  mame” (Voices for Children) a night of Music, Songs, Dance, and Drama like no other. Say resoundingly I am HERE. I am not the problem but the solution.”

The Inspire Foundation host a Facebook and twitter page @ inspireslu, produces a publication Inspire Magazine, charity events and as of 1st September 2014  a Radio Series Inspire100 on Radio 100 Helen FM weekdays at 7:30 am and 5:55 pm.


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