Injured turtle found on Vigie beach

Injured turtle found on Vigie beach

An injured Hawksbill turtle tied to a tree was discovered on the Vigie beach this morning by a George F.L. Charles Airport staff.

Elijah Dundas, who made the discovery at about 12:02 a.m., said a group of men may have been responsible for tying the turtle and injuring it.

Dundas told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that a suspicious-looking green Mitsubishi two-door pick up with three men on board, was parked outside the airport, near the main entrance.

He said two of the men were on the lookout, while the other man was on the beach.

Dundas decided to alert his colleagues and they went to check on it. But before they reached outside the compound, the men ran into their vehicle and fled.

Upon arriving at the spot where the men were parked, Dundas discovered the injured turtle.

He said, “It was tied to the root of a tree. It looked like they used something to lash the turtle in the head, because there were traces of blood and it also had lacerations.”

The men then released the turtle, which was badly hurt. It is not clear whether the turtle made it back to the sea, or if it was taken by the wildlife authorities.

Only a few weeks ago, a Hawksbill turtle was discovered dead on the Vigie beach. It appeared that someone attempted to slaughter the animal, because there were visible markings to indicate that.

On Wednesday, June 3, someone discovered the remains of another Hawksbill turtle, that appeared to have made it’s way to a remote area on Reduit Beach, Gros-Islet to nest, but was slaughtered.

The remains included a decomposing shell and intestines, along with mature and immature eggs. All the turtle meat was extracted along with the head and flippers, an official told SNO at the time.

The sea turtle hunting season is closed, therefore it is illegal to hunt and/or kill turtles at this time.

The harvesting seasoning usually runs annually from Oct. 1 to Dec. 31, with conditions. Anyone caught and found guilty faces a maximum fine of $5,000 and/or one year imprisonment.


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  1. A thought: Can't there be some volunteer or paid night watches during the nesting season? Even though its not every night. At least it might interfere and inhibit persons with the intent of slaughtering or messing with these creatures.


  2. i hope these people at the airport got the full description of the car instead of just a green mitsubish car and that includes license plates too so we can catch those turtle murderers


  3. hey we better move this needs a national movement to stop this movement, we need to drastic , banned turtle meat for a 2 year period............


  4. how could such nuferious activity go on just feet around an international airport security should be alert to every vehicle and person moving near that airport and the beach should be part of their patrols.When we loose a plane to isis because they approached from the beach to gain access it will be too late then.They hacked st.Vincent you dont think they know st.lucia they go after low hanging fruits.Lets use this a s a wake up call to increase security around our airports.


  5. if they dont respect themselves it is hardly the turtles/wild life they would e enough.respect.
    My point it this.....for what ever reason the turtles are nesting on vigie/reduit beaches in most countries the citizens would organize a turtles patrol to ensure their safety,do we not care enough


  6. Am sick and tired of these turtles killed,injured etc.Do something about it for so long now,these issues keeps coming back over and over again.God gave all of us ways and means of managing problems.If these people really wants to protect those turtles am sure by now,they can come up with some idea.How about getting some sponsorship from the banks in providing some voluntary rangers if thee authorities are unable to have rangers to drive around when the turtles laying eggs season is on to see that those turtles are left alone?Everything has to be a community project for things to go on smoothly sometimes.


  7. It is possible that with all the sargassum seaweed on the east coast that turtles are adapting to this situation by nesting on west coast beaches.
    Unfortunately a predator called mankind is intent on destroying the next generation of turtles.


  8. find them and tie them to a tree and bit them with a stick... these people have no respect for wildlife....nature on the whole...the very thing that brings people to the island..that makes the country even more interesting...TOURISM..boosts the economy..think before you harm an are basically slashing the chances of perhaps 20 new turtles being born...just by interfering with the breeding and birthing process....THINK!!


    • thats the problem these people do not have the capacity to think. the only thing on their mind is how to make a quick buck and meal. I think some people just do not know the difference between right and wrong. IF you have to do it in the dark with look outs so no one can see chances are its WRONG!!!


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