Injunction to stop demolition works on old Castries prison structure continues

Injunction to stop demolition works on old Castries prison structure continues
Demolition works at Castries Prison prior to injunction.
Demolition works taking place at the Castries Prison prior to injunction

(SNO) — If the Government of St. Lucia thought that the injunction against the demolition of the old prison buildings on Upper Bridge Street, Castries  would have been dropped today, Thursday, September 13 after the parties met in the High Court to discuss the matter, then the government would have been sorely disappointed, as the injunction continues, scheduled to be heard next month.

In fact, our newsroom has learned that the case, which was slated for today, was actually considered, however instead of a full hearing, the court gave directions for a further hearing of the matter on October 8, 2018.

The demolition of the century old buildings that once hosted the male prisons took national attention when the High Court convened on a Sunday — last Sunday incidentally and a day considered unprecedented — to hear and grant an injunction order to stop the demolition works.

The order was brought by the St. Lucia National Trust, represented by Peter I. Foster and Associates, and served on the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Infrastructure, Ports, Energy and Labour; the Commissioner of Crown Lands, the Development Control Authority, and the contractor of the demolition works, Cyril Dornelly.

They were ordered not to continue demolishing the old prison structure, nor their agents or persons subject to their control, authority or direction or in any other way, nor must they do it through others acting on their behalf on their instructions or with their encouragement.


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    • How many times have you visited this so called historical site. These buildings have been there unused and uncared for the past 20 years. It's a housing and toilet to vagrants. A complete shit hole. But as soon as there are plans for a new structure it becomes a historical site. Smh.


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