Initiatives in tourism, construction to help reduce unemployment: Pierre

Initiatives in tourism, construction to help reduce unemployment: Pierre
Phillip J. Pierre

One of the key promises made by the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) during the election campaign, is to create more employment opportunities for locals in the next five years.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure, Phillip J. Pierre, revealed how his party plans to get this done.

Pierre said the aim is to reduce unemployment to below 15 percent through the commissioning of measures and initiatives in tourism and government-funded construction.

“Our intention over the next five years, is to bring unemployment down to where we left in 2006, which is below 15 percent. We will do this through several measures,” he revealed.

The SLP plans to initiate a vigorous public sector investment programme which will see the following projects either continued or commenced:

The construction of the North -South Link road
The Millennium Highway rehabilitation
The Castries to Gros Islet and Secondary Roads Improvement Project
The Dennery Water Supply Redevelopment Project (funds secured from the Mexican gov’t and the IDB)
The Desruisseaux Treatment Plant (funding from EU)
The Vieux Fort Water Supply Redevelopment Project (funding from IDB)
The John Compton Dam Rehabilitation Project
The Castries Water Treatment Project
The facility to support agriculture development and rehabilitation of agriculture feeder roads

In addition to this, Pierre said the commencement of three new large infrastructure projects, which includes, a new police headquarters at La Toc, a new theater complex, among others, will also assist with job creation.

“We intend to stimulate new foreign direct investment in tourism,infrastructure,energy, information and communication technology and other services,” he explained.

The minister said the tourism sector will be a key component in party’s economic development strategy.

“We are aiming for an increase of 50 percent in our hotel rooms by 2020, resulting in an additional 100,000 stay over visitors per year to our shores.”

The SLP also expects within the next two years, construction would be completed on the $100 million 12 megawatt wind farm in Dennery and the 3.2 megawatt solar farm in Vieux Fort.

Pierre said the SLP has already delivered on the promises made in its 2011 manifesto, by creating the National Initiative to Create Employment (NICE) and injecting $100 million into the economy for job creation.

“NICE has created over 6,000 new jobs in a variety of sectors (public and private) and as of this quarter, we have injected $100.94 million into job creation.This has brought unemployment down to 20 percent, its lowest value in six years,” Pierre concluded.


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  1. Yes it is all fair to claim that hotel rooms will be built, but check this out. Right now a new hotel called blue diamond is being built in cap estate. The contractor is NH, most of the workers are foreigners. Dominicans( santo Domingo), trinis. The Mexicans, Cubans. You get the drift. Wages are low for the locals. As a matter of fact construction has become slave labour. NIC is not being paid by the locals. Don't know about the foreigners. Construction workers are treated as dogs in St. Lucia. No sick days, no vacation, nada. If you fall sick or get injured you're on your own. Corruption abounds over there. Do the math. 120 less 10% govt tax, less bus fares. A tradesman works for less than a labourer. Yes construction is booming Mr. Pierre.


  2. Maybe there should be an election every other month, then all these promises being made would be
    honoured, and we would havea country that is run by an efficient government. TIME FOR CHANGE,
    you cannot take the people for a ride anymore. You are not genuine, promises only because election


  3. Who ever it is why would you suggest that educated monkey find work some place else where as St Lucia is his/her country ???? What are you really saying that if everyone goes out and educated themselves that they should seek employment someplace else ???? So who will be teachers/lawyers/doctors etc. in St Lucia.

    Get some help.


  4. Why this relentless focus on such a volatile industry like Tourism!


    Stop living in the past Phil and the rest of the SLP and UWP

    Whoever you guys are using as advisors or policy consultants, please stop. Actually I'll rephrase that either stop using them or listen to them especially if they're advising you'll correctly on AGRICULTURE and you chose not to take it on board.

    Please re-read this statement.....“We are aiming for an increase of 50 percent in our hotel rooms by 2020, resulting in an additional 100,000 stay over visitors per year to our shores.”

    This can be interpreted as, the mere increase of room availability will automatically result in people booking they holidays in SLU. Phil, is that what you meant, if so damn I think ole age creeping up on you Uncle.

    Start allocating the same amount of finance to Agriculture as you'll do with Tourism.


    • Those guys are forgetting Cuba has now opened its door. I foresee a decline in our tourism industry.


  5. When you become bigger than life and nothing else matters but another five years. We should thank you for the mess St. Lucia is in. however please start by saying you are sorry so the self induced mess you've created. Don't tell us who to trust. You don't like corruption yet all politician fail to talk about an anti corruption law.With 300m of taxes it will cost us nothing. The only hurt that we face right now is knowing that our taxes can be abused by certain families in St. lucia. Act in the interest of the country and stop governing St. Lucia as a family business. We deserve that change.


  6. Fortunaaaaa please, i am begging you, do us all a favour and get this man out of politics. Even the way he speaks, arrogant, nothing of substance, he always critics, i cannot go another term with a minister of this mans caliber. Please Fortuna


  7. Yes Mr Ray Charles all of a sudden you can see now. Guess since is election time you will not need your darkers until after the 6th of June. This time though you will be wearing your darkers because of shame and not because of your high minded, conceited ways. You complained about Guy but all you did was to Give your friends multiple projects. The roads in The Gros Islet and Babonneau community are especially in bad shape. You have mismanaged the resources of this country and you can't even bribe voters your usual way by patching them quickly. Usually before elections politicians in office will flaunt their achievements and discuss their visions for the future. All you SLP incumbents are doing is dodging the real issues and making promises to complete projects started by the last UWP administration . Why now when you had over four years? Boy we must pray for a change cause if you win we stick in that for sure. Imagine what you SLP tricksters will do us if we embolden you with another five years. Pray for change my people we should not be acomplicies in the plot to bring about our own destruction. I'm not a fool to hurt myself I can't vote for five more years of this.


  8. What took you so long to come up with your own plan? Of course, the other 15 from the other PM and another 15 from PM Fletcher came a bit short. So why not your set? That very old hag just put up hers. Still not sufficient? 6-6-16 beating your tails read hard?
    Then tell us. Who the hell is next to bore us even more with very foolish promises? Who is next in line to muscle in with more clownish promises? You people are so very sick! You stink.


  9. Fortuna, I beg you, do us a huge favour and send Ray Charles to rest. The people of Castries East and St Lucia could do with a break.

    We will be eternally grateful to you if you do.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.


    • Hey is not fortuna, is the people who have to vote him out......though i dont see that happening


  10. So you mean to tell me after 5 years at university, a bachelors degree and a masters degree in computer science is construction work I have to look forward to? Wheel and come again padna........ Good ting is academic scholarship I get (not from any government) cause all now so bank looking to seize my mother house. Please say something apart from STEP, NICE and construction work as it is very depressing returning to St. Lucia with all this knowledge and skill with no opportunity to help my country in my area of expertise. Please there are many of us out there scientist, business analyst, engineers who have a lot to offer. Not a political post just want a job in my field of expertise


    • Granted but the majority of persons who are unemployed are not as educated as you. The highest level of education they have is secondary for some and others primary. So the jobs that will be created will be more focused to get these persons to work where as persons like you and I have other avenues to explore such as working in another Caribbean country once you have an OECS skills certificate and other countries such as the UK and Canada who are always employing people with your skillset.


      • ., u have a very narrow mindset. so we shud dumb ourselves forever because this gvt only wants to create hard labour jobs? and yall are the same set of ppl complaining when these white ppl from europe coming and take our upper position jobs. stop speaking, the posts u make in here are really ignorant.


  11. So they had 10 years. All of a sudden he want to reduce unemployment in the next 5 years. Man you think people stupid. Only the stupid civil servants and the illiterates believe you. Those in the step and nice programs because sadly they do not know better.


    • You say they do not know better. How so? They get a monthly salary of $1200 a month from what I know. Isn't that better? Some of these people did not work at all before NICE, some don't know the last time they ever worked. Of course ot is better, better than their previous situation, better than sitting in the house scratching and sniffing. $1200 pays the bills and sends the kids to school.


      • That is completely untrue. nonsense. You people and your patching a hole philosophy is ridiculous.


  12. Next 5 years. Lol I don't vote but I realize slp in trouble. Only now they wanna complete St Jude's. Now more employment opportunity I aint think Lucian stupid. Some are but.....


  13. Phillip,I did not bother to read all your nonsense, because after reading the first paragraph, I felt you were insulting my intelligence. In 2006 SLP won the elections on the promise of Jobs, Jobs Jobs. Up to now I have not seen those jobs, other than S.T.E.P and C.A.R.E. If 50 jobs were created because of step and care you had business places closing down. Hotels and banks down sizing, so when you compare the figures , more jobs lost than jobs created. SLP created some jobs business places cut jobs. It is like Kenny and Tony, Kenny creating jobs, Tony cutting jobs. I am just sick and fed up of the whole bunch of you
    On the eve of elections you want to come back with all those empty promises, and asking for another five years." NO. YOU CAN'T"


  14. So Philip Pierre is talking projects and for I prefer to judge by what has been done. Four years now and:
    1.The national hospital remains unfinished and unopened
    2.St. judes hospital remains unfinished and unopened
    3. The abattoirl remains unfinished and unopened
    4. The financial building at Point Seraphine remains unfinished and unopened
    5. The crime lab remains closed down
    6.The high court building remains unfinished
    7. The heath system remains on a mess
    8. The justice system remains collApsed

    All of those entities involve services to people. All struggling.
    So when I hear new police headquarters, new court complex and new arts theatre I just smile. If the backlog of unfinished work is so much then what.
    In a last ditch attempt today alvina Reynolds says the national hospital is soon to open.
    This lady has not counted how many times she has used those words in the last four years.


  15. Lucians if you all fall for that, you guys are some serious fools. This is not going to happen.

    For that to happen, you will have to see a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and earth had passed away, and there was no more sea.


  16. PIP you are not fooling me. None of these initiatives are sustainable. The focus needs to be less on jobs and more on building our human resource to pursue careers. There is a stark difference. Your many hotels will become white elephants as tourism did not become a very viable sector for caribbean nations until the embargo was placed on Cuba. Now it is lifted. The competition will be ridiculously stiff.

    Save us the bull....

    I tired of hearing you stammer and seeing your spit splash on the camera.


    • I agree with you on developing our human resources so that persons can pursue careers... I am all for that. NELP offers vourses in the different communities some course are $80, others $120 and may e one or two maybe $220/$300 and persons refuse to sign up for the courses, to learn a skill or a trade that they could later use. They refuse to. These same persons are the ones saying no jobs. These same persons blaming the government for everything and they are not contributing to society. These same persons are the ones buying all of the trendy clothes and shoes but they cannot invest a measly $120 to learn a trade. Smh, the government has to do everything for Lucians .


      • Your mind eh tell you when they have that money they can only think of feeding their families so the trade go have to take a back seat.


  17. A good thing it is educated people reading this piece of shit. A set of nonsense. That will never happen. Not just because you will be voted out but because you are just lying.


  18. The circus is in town. All acts in the air. Yall are a bunch of jokers. All of a sudden slu overflowing with opportunities. We should have elections every six months for things to run in this country. Choopz tun


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