Infrastructure Ministry to undertake comprehensive desilting project

Infrastructure Ministry to undertake comprehensive desilting project
Phillip J. Pierre
Minister Phillip J. Pierre
Minister Phillip J. Pierre

The Ministry of Infrastructure will commence a major desilting project across Saint Lucia in preparation for the rainy season, Infrastructure Minister Phillip J. Pierre has said.

The project is likely to commence by the end of May or early June, 2016, and will concentrate on areas that a prone to flooding such as: Bexon, Soufriere and Castries.

Pierre also said his ministry is due to receive a final report on the Bexon flood mitigation project soon.

The initiative, spearheaded by the Ministry of Infrastructure, was conducted by Dillon Consulting through funding provided by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB).

Government hopes to use the recommendations from that report to support desilting and other measures already undertaken to help abate flooding in the communities.

Associate Water Resources Engineer with Dillon Consulting, Andrew Chan, said new bridges with increased hydraulic capacity have been recommended.

Dillon Consulting has used the information gathered from the consultation with Bexon and Marc residents to finalize and present their report to the ministry.



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  1. I am a little concern when government departments do their jobs this is highlighted as a giant leap for mankind. Des calling and making preparation for the rains season the Infrastucture ministry role , not major just do it. The same applies to the opening of bridges wow a civilians engineering break through, no just opening or repairing a bridge.
    There is a sense of how grateful we should be , when infact that's why we pay our taxes and elect a government.
    So Ministers just carry out your paid roles and stop making us feel that you are doing us a favour.... that is your role


  2. PIP - Desilting a river or rivers is part of your major required projects. Do you want special credit for it because of the election. By the way you are no Ray Charles remove the darkers. Let us see your eyes. You have become blind and oblivious to your surroundings don't you see all the pot holes all over the place, reminds me of the period just before work cup 2007 when all our streets were a mess. Most of your projects are done by unqualified party hacks under little or no supervision. I guess with you wearing those dark shades you are unable to properly inspect the work sites when you visit them. I know that this isn't your direct responsibility but you are the Minister and the buck stops with you. You are fast becoming a clown no wonder Kenny is allegedly replacing himself with Hillaire. Among the blind the one-eyed man is king. Maybe its time to remove those dark eye glasses is shades or we whatever they are so we can see if you are legally blind or just faking it.


  3. What are you gonna do when the P.M. pull the Rug from under you
    and replace you with that multi million dollar man, that Johnny come lately?.


  4. Dear SNO- please allow me to vent ( freedom of expression, I am American and Lucian)

    Five reasons why St. Lucian should refuse to give the MIPST any money for Road Tax:

    1) Millenium Highway is arguably one of the worst "highways" in the world with regards to condition. If you are pregnant, please do not even ride a helicopter over this stretch of roadway- too bumpy as it will induce a miscarriage.

    2) Monchy GAP on Castries Gros Islet ROAD ( not highway). The width of this section of this road gets smaller each day as million-dollar-hotel-project operations dump concrete there- maybe deliberately! It is disheartening to know that Traffic and Transport officials drive their every day and do not hold those developers and concrete suppliers accountable. What is worse is that I am obligated to pay road tax!

    3) Chaussee Road- Wasco and MIPST are two entities who seem to take pride in giving us Lucians super inferior word works- the result is a piece of road so bumpy that Six FLags Theme Park is designing a roller coaster based on this road.


    • As much as I would like to agree with I can't.

      Firstly where are the other two reasons, you mentioned five!?

      Secondly, you're OVER EXAGGERATING about the Millenium Highway. We have many faults as a people however I think you're just taking the piss with that comment.

      I would suggest building our roads in concrete. Just look at the American example in VFort (cacabeth) and the part leading into VFort town. The conceret part was built round World War II (i believe) and it's still there strong as ever stronger than any asphalt built road on the island.

      You can only be one re Lucian or American, you may have dual nationality and as a result have two passports. Never think for one second that Americans consider you to be a true American.

      Don't be fooled "homie"


  5. Pierre this is nothing new, do not make it look like a new project you now want to undertake, for years I have been seeing a tractor in the Castries river digging up mud around the hurricane season, and for years we have had floodings in Castries and Bexon. There is no way you will be able to build any new bridges before the hurricane season, so come up with another solution right now I am fighting to see whether $5.00 can block a hole


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