Fly infestation forces temporary closure of Dame Pearlette Louisy Primary

Fly infestation forces temporary closure of Dame Pearlette Louisy Primary

The Dame Pearlette Louisy Primary School has been forced to close its doors today, due to a high infestation of flies in the building.

Principal Ethelena Leonce told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that the issue started sometime last week, when they noticed that the too many flies were occupying classrooms.

The principal said both the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health were informed of the situation.

A team from the Health Ministry had visited the school last week and did some small work to rid the building of the flies.

However, the school was closed to students today, to facilitate fogging the building.

“We are addressing it. We saw they were too many flies and we have been working with the Ministry of Health to rid the school of these flies,” she told SNO.

Leonce said classes are set to resume on Monday, November 3.

“The only thing is the other communities in the area that have flies, we just hope that they dont come back to the school, when the children return with all their sweets,” she added.

Several parents and guardians have expressed concern over the infestation at the school.

“My daughter along with numerous other students have taken ill. This needs urgent attention by the authorities,” a parent told SNO.

Neighbouring communities are said to be infested with flies, which has caused the school to become affected.


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  1. that flies infestation business have nothing to do with the serves you all right, Pearlette louisy school always think that the best school, stop blaming it on the community. why the community is not complaining. Clean the dirty school


    • @sunshine
      Dont be a hater. Blame the Castries City Council. They have their septic facility right behind the school and its one big mess i was told. hence the reason why the infestation of flies.


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