Industrial action at WASCO causing delays in repairing distribution issues

Industrial action at WASCO causing delays in repairing distribution issues

Managing Director of WASCO Vincent Hippolyte has said the ongoing industrial action by some of its employees is hampering operations.

Hippolyte said WASCO and the National Workers Union, which is representing those employees, have been meeting and trying to resolve the matters that have caused the industrial action.

He noted that the employees on strike are actually the ones involved in the maintenance and repair of faulty pipelines. He said this is causing “some delays” and “slowdown.”

However, in the meantime, the managing director said the company has put measures in place to ensure that it can respond to distribution system issues, such as leaks involving its main pipelines, as soon as possible.

“… we have some measures in place where we are responding to leaks and so on as they show,  but you know whenever you have industrial action you are never performing at your optimum,” he admitted.

“We are hoping that the situation will be resolved soon enough so that we can return ourselves to normal operations,” he added.


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  1. Shame on the NWU. While workers rights must be upheld the are situations that must be managed. No well intentioned union would call a strike in a water sector just after the country experienced such a flooding or natural disaster. In fact in many countries an ongoing strike would cease temporarily after such an event. Shame on NWU


  2. I couldn't careless because WASCO itself has been on strike for a long time...we have had no water for several weeks now!


  3. I wonder why its so easy for the NWU to allow their members to take industrial action except for their LUCELEC branch. Four years now they've been negotiating with lucelec and still they are far from concluding. The workers have shown interest in taking industrial action but the NWU will not allow them to. NWU do not even inform lucelec members on the progress of their negotiation. Like they have no regards or respect for their members and no interest in seeing this thing through. But I do not blame the union, I blame the workers; them cowards and management spies. Stay strong wasco workers, keep the fight going and stay together.


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