Individuals involved in shooting are not regular customers – Verve says in statement

Individuals involved in shooting are not regular customers – Verve says in statement

11138558_914409831956527_7879326662397011643_nSTATEMENT – The management of Verve Bar on Rodney Bay laments the unfortunate incident which took place on Saturday November 7, 2015 on our premises during business hours.

The individuals involved are not regular customers of our establishment and we do not know the circumstances which caused this unfortunate dispute.


Verve remains resolute in ensuring that its valued patrons are provided with a safe, friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

In light of the recent circumstances, we will conduct a further review of our existing security arrangements to ensure that all patrons continue to feel welcomed at what has become one of the most spirited experiences in Rodney Bay.

In addition, Verve management is committed to working with other establishments in the Rodney Bay area and local law enforcement authorities to put measures in place to ensure the safety of individuals who patronize the Rodney Bay area. We must all remain united in promoting peace and denouncing crime in our beautiful island.


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  1. Choops. Oh please. Stop reaping in all the profits, and step up your security verve. The safety of your customers is priority.


  2. My first time in St Lucia was in September this year at Rodney Bay and I really love this Beautiful Island but at first I felt very unsafe going out and about as we did get hassled everywhere. We did meet lots of lovely friendly local people. one person especially touched our hearts. We are from the UK and really wanted to return to St Lucia next year .
    I have been reading St Lucian news online recently and am very concerned about the high level of crimes around near the holiday resorts, ie shootings, rapes. assaults, robberies and lots of stuff.
    Is St Lucia getting too dangerous for tourists as I did read it is in the top ten most dangerous cruise ship destinations in the world.
    I was looking forward to returning to St Lucia as there is so much more beauty to see but I am beginning to think it is not safe enough to travel around .
    Concerned Tourist


  3. Its not necessary to stress on that point`that they weren`t regular patrons; this fact matters not to a foreigner/tourist it makes no difference... just seems like the island of st lucia is violent.... and on the other hand it always takes a life threatening matter for us to react... good to see that something is gonna change because if we don`t get ready to make the necessary adjustments am afraid we will be left in the dark holding our heads wondering what happened..... this just goes to show us that we`re not living in those days when all was safe ok, where we could carry on with things as usual..... just imagine the amount of damage he could have done to other innocent persons at the club that night, for what reason no one knows yet everyone else now who patronizes the establishment has to be affect just because of the reaction of one individual who thinks its ok to carry a gun and kill someone just because........... not to mention he was so bold at doing it with absolutely no regards.


  4. 90% of business establishments in SLU would probably say the same. "Not regular customers". I would have.


  5. Lucianboi if you have ever gone to verve you will be well aware that verve has a good team of ssu officers on duty and well identified. Maybe one of the only establishment in Rodney bay that has this measure put in place. I always feel some what safe. However, like verve said, this is unfortunate and I guess anybody can pull up with a gun and flee within seconds and cause damage. Hence the reason they want to put FURTHER measures in place. Always room for improvement


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