Independent senator Adrian Augier makes case for creative sector

Independent senator Adrian Augier makes case for creative sector
Adrian Augier
Dr. Adrian Augier

(GIS) — Independent senator, Adrian Augier, has classified the Appropriations Bill 2019/2020 as one that is comprehensive.

During his contribution to the debate on the Appropriations Bill on April 30, Sen. Adrian Augier lauded government’s prioritizing of post-secondary and tertiary enrollment, and also its increased attention to culture and the creative industries.

He also suggested more direct assistance via grants, technical assistance and training.

“We have people teaching creative arts in secondary schools who are not sufficiently qualified,” he said. “We need stronger choreographers, we need stronger teachers of the visual and performing arts. The Saint Lucia School of Music is laboring on under some rather trying circumstances. We need to support, especially since the performing arts feeds right into our tourism product.”

In commenting on government’s efforts at furthering the development of the music industry, the senator made a case for the sub-sectors that feed the music industry to be given greater attention.

“There are other sub-sectors that do not have the support that they should and whose skills are necessary to support the music sector. To make a music video you need directors, lighting technicians, actors and dancers. The singers are only a very small part of the music industry.”

He that the non-traditional arts like digital arts, film, animation, and design are also lead sub-sectors within the culture and creative arts sector which need support.


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