Independent party being formed to contest next election; voters encouraged to ditch SLP and UWP

Independent party being formed to contest next election; voters encouraged to ditch SLP and UWP


A group called ‘The Coalition of Independent People’ said it is building a slate of seventeen candidates to contest the upcoming general election, independent of all the three political parties.

In a press statement issued on Thursday (Dec. 3) by the group, it said that both the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) and the Opposition United Workers Party (UWP) are incapable of handling the affairs of the country.

The group also accused both parties of displaying a desperate need for power; without any substantive account of their past or present mandate.

“Allen Chastanet uses all machinations to ensure that prospective investors remain doubtful of coming to do business in Saint Lucia, while Prime Minister Anthony does not have the time or passion to present a mandate to the citizens that he can do any better,” the statement said.

The group said that it wants to restore “good governance” to the country, but noted that this could only happen when well-intentioned people bring their ideas, experiences, preferences and other human strengths and shortcomings to the policy-making table.

“Good governance is achieved through an on-going discourse that attempts to capture all of the considerations involved in assuring that citizen’s interests are addressed and reflected in policy initiatives by their government,” the statement added.

The coalition said it plans to bring to the citizens, eight major characteristics of good governance the ruling party or the opposition has never displayed i.e. participatory, consensus oriented, accountable, transparent, responsive, effective and efficient, equitable and inclusive, and follows the rule of law.

“Good governance is responsive to the present and future needs of the people, exercises prudence in policy-setting and decision-making, and that the best interests of all citizens are taken into account.”

Further, it said UWP’s Allen Chastanet and SLP’s Kenny Anthony do not recognize good governance, rather they “only recognise self aggrandizement and power over people.”

The Coalition of Independent Candidates, St. Lucia is said to be a grouping of individuals interested in the social, educational, economical, and humanitarian needs of our people.

Only a few weeks ago, former UWP MP Jeannine Compton-Antoine announced her plans to contest the next general elections in the Micoud North Constituency as an independent candidate.

There have also been talks that the incumbent MP for Castries Central Richard Frederick who was kicked out of the UWP has plans to also contest the elections as an independent.

More persons are likely to join the two. But political analysts say that this could cause problems for both major political parties, since the independents could steal hundreds of votes at the next elections.


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  1. That group seems to know how government should govern but the bigger question is whether it will practice what it preaches ? I have a better chance of voting for an independent than any other.


  2. U only know the strength of the tea-bags when U pour hot-water over it.

    what the rat says in the roof is not what it will say in the rat-trap.


  3. If they are worth something, sure why NOT.
    But SLP & UWP should be kicked back into the dark hole of NO return.


  4. Independent party is no more than a bunch of chicken that does not have the guts to reveal identity of members and organizers. They think like people who live in the stone age. In this day and age who will want to follow this bunch of nameless and thoughtless idiots?


  5. I don't plan to vote but if I do it will have to be for LPM than for that so called CIP or whatever they call their name. Not me I not voting for any group that decide to form a quick party out of convenience. At least with LPM they have been out there telling people about their plans and it dont have to take an election to tell us where they stand.


  6. I knew that would happen, hence the reason members of the UWP party kept washing their dirty linen in public. Well I do not believe there is room for a fourth political party. The group is just being mischievous . I have compiled a list of losers whom I believe would want to form their own party and I was able to come up with a 16 names as follows
    King... Frederick...,Mondesir...,Polius...,Rufus...,Preville...Spider...,Dr. Matthews...,G. Corneil...,D. Greaves...,J.Compton...,Petra...,L. Jn. Pierre...,A. Brett...,S. Flood...,D. Francis...,Coalition please fill in the blank for the 17th person................some of these loosers will even lose their deposit, any party with Frederick is confusion.


  7. Saint Lucia desperately needs a new direction which is NOT on the radar screens of either party. The UWP shows promise but the POA is absent. Kenny and the boys do not know what the heck this is. Their main goal is to retain the titles by any means necessary, even better days.

    A new party has a better chance of having a voice in the current parliament or some current members ready to jump ship. No one person is good enough in the 21st century to manage and ideate solutions to all or most of our problems. Please do not pack the group with lawyers whose modus operandi is create more problems to make more money, not solving problems. Please. Kenny, LaCorb and the like are convincing examples of what not to do.

    That is the only 'hope' I am willing to buy into at this time. The rest all want us to return to the status quo.


  8. I Wonder what their colour will be .hmmmm must be pink (wake up folks this coalition is frederick janine and the 6 other parasites from the uwp)




    • You can give someone knowledge, but you can't make them think. Some people want to remain fools, only because the truth requires change.


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