Independent candidates to contest CSA elections 2016

Independent candidates to contest CSA elections 2016
CSA members.
CSA members.
CSA members.

Several independent candidates will be contesting the upcoming Civil Service Association (CSA) Elections 2016.

Below are the names of some of those candidates and their biography.

Bernard Cornibert


Brother Bernard Cornibert has served the St. Lucia Civil Service Association and the Inland Revenue Department as Shop Steward from 2008 to 2011, and was re-elected from 2011 until this present day.

He studiously represents the interest of workers through dialogue and meetings with management and where necessary invites the Union Representatives to discuss matters of a grievance nature.

As a member of General Council he participates in the various discussions and policy positions put forward by the National Executive and the membership in general.

During the last two negotiation cycles he was privilege to be invited by the negotiating team as an observer, where he was able to witness firsthand the intricacies of the art of negotiation.  And this experience will only lend to him becoming a better representative.

Brother Cornibert is presently an employee of the Government of St. Lucia attached to the Ministry of Finance, Inland Revenue Department for the past twenty five years.   During his stint at the Inland Revenue Department he has received awards/certificates in recognition of outstanding performance to the Department and among these was for most outstanding performer.

Bro. Cornibert has served in the following capacities:- 

Cricket world cup volunteer – 2007

Member of the St. Lucia Volunteer Association

President of Burial Fund

Board Member “Prayz FM Radio”

Board Member St. Lucia SDA Academy


Brother Cornibert began his tertiary education with the University of the West Indies, and majored in Management, earning a Diploma with upper second class honors and thereafter earned a degree in Business Administration with Monroe College in the city of New York and graduated with honors “Magna Cum Laude”.

Brother Cornibert is married to the Laura-lee N. Richardson-Cornibert and is a proud father of two beautiful girls.

He is a dedicated and committed individual and this is represented in his professional life, his service to the Union and the workers he represents, his Country, family and his God.

Yvonne Edwin


I become a member of St. Lucia Civil Service Association after joining the Public Service in January 2001.  Within the last 15 years, I have been actively involved in the union as a young vibrant worker, member and Shop Steward.

In 2004, I was nominated as the Shop Steward for the Department of Fisheries as a result of my dedication, enthusiasm, outgoing and persistent nature for workers’ rights and trade unionism. I served as shop steward for my Department until 2008 before proceeding to pursue my studies. Though, pursuing my studies was priority after 2008 I continued to serve as the alternate and contact person for my Department in the absence of the elected Shop Steward.

My determination and commitment to CSA provided many opportunities for selection to attend and represent the union in various capacities including:

  • Caribbean Public Service Association Conference, Belize (June 2006)
  • Caribbean Public Service Association Conference, Grenada (June 2009)
  • Caribbean Public Service Association Conference, Guyana (July 2010)
  • Leadership workshop, hosted by CSA (November 2013)
  • Young Leaders Forum, Bahamas (March 2014)

During my tenure as shop steward I actively participated in General Council and maintained cordial relationship with the CSA Secretariat, Committee representatives and all past executive members.

Apart from CSA representation, I have served in other leadership capacities including:

  • Area Director – Toastmaster International ,District 81, Area 17 (currently)
  • Commissioner – CSA National Elections Commission 2014
  • President – Public Service Toastmaster Club (2013-2014)
  • Vice President – Public Service Toastmaster Club (2012-2013)

Yvonne Edwin here to serve, lead and inflict the change the CSA needs.

VOTE for change and transparent leadership………the beginning of restoration

Matthew Branford


Matthew Branford is currently employed within the Financial Administration, Evaluation and Monitoring Unit of the Ministry of Finance, as a Financial Analyst.

He holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Accounting from the University of the West Indies, and has Completed the professional Chartered Accountant program “Certified General Accountant (CGA)” and is working towards obtaining experience for certification. He is also a member of the Chartered Insurance Institute of Canada and pursuing studies leading to a Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) designation.

Mr. Branford has over 15 years experience in the Public Service and is verse in Financial, Risk management and Insurance matters. He has worked at the middle and senior level in numerous department such as: (1) Treasury – Accountant 11, Ledger Administrator, Auditor, Bank Reconciliation Supervisor, (2) Financial Sector Supervision Unit – Senior Financial Services Regulator, (3) Office of the Director of Finance – Financial Analyst.


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  1. This is very interesting . new recruit members of Save the Union. Mr Bernard Cornibert now you want to be in a leadership position at the CSA after you have been undermining the leadership by holding meetings with the broker unknown to the general secretary of the CSA.
    Yvonne Edwin why did you not include in your bio that you were a member of the election commission up to march 2016 and having been on the commission resigned in march to run as president and you say you transparent ...the CSA CONSTITUTION states clearly that members of the Election Commission should not contest the election that they are to supervise...but you knew that and put yourself up to serve on the commission and then gaining an advantage that other candidates do not have and you resign to run for election as president..that is transparency .
    Now Matthew Branford was not your name Matthew Roberts ..oh you change it ..and you was one of the members that LAST MONTH took the CSA TO COURT..WOW YOU AND TWO OTHER MEMBERS TOOK THE UNION TO COURT and now you want to run for a vice president position at the same CSA YOU WANTED TO TAKE TO COURT. ..


  2. Mr. Cornibert given all what you have said about serving, how come members at your Department are not happy with your representation as their Shop Steward?

    Miss Edwin, I am sure you would recall that you were upset that we didn't accept Government's 0,0,0 offer. At one of our meetings during that impasse you chided us for not accepting this insulting offer, and said that the other Unions had accepted it why can't we do the same.

    At that time, is that you wanted to "inflict pain and not change" on us members? Please note that change cannot be inflicted. The word "inflict" is mostly used in a negative way.

    Ms. Edwin, are you all about yourself? Why did you want our Union to pay an extra night at a hotel for you at the end of the Caribbean Public Services Conference's (PSA's) regional meeting in 2014 which our Association hosted back then.

    Thought you would have included this as part of your service to our Union.

    Mr. Branford, my only recollections of you at CSA meetings are during salary negotiations when you secretly try to persuade members to stand against our Union?

    Bro, I see all of your bio, regrettably there's no mention of service to our Union during all those years in the Service.

    So you don't know what we are going through; and what we have gone through.


  3. But to me in the weekend newspaper there was an advert showing all of the above as part of a team to VOTE FOR CHANGE. Today is Monday and they now independent. What has happened in that short space of time????? SMDH


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