Independent candidate to contest Anse La Raye/Canaries seat

Independent candidate to contest Anse La Raye/Canaries seat
Kensley Charlemagne

An entrepreneur and former teacher has announced his intention to contest the Anse La Raye/Canaries seat at the upcoming general election slated for June 6, 2016, as an independent candidate.

Kensley Charlemagne, who contested the 2006 and 2011 elections was unsuccessful at both bids, but said this time around, even if he doesn’t win, he wants his message to impact voters.

Charlemagne who was born and raised in Anse La Raye/Canaries, but now resides in Gros Islet said that contesting elections has never been just about the development of Anse La Raye/Canaries.

“It has been about affecting a diabolical system that has only worked to our detriment,” he told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) in an interview on Tuesday.

Charlemagne said though he has been ignored by the mass media because he is not controversial and though there has been an attempt at blockage and an unjustifiably doubling of the candidate’s fee, he wants Saint Lucians to know that there is another alternative.

“This two-party system has failed us and will continue to fail us and it is in their hands (the people’s) to affect the balance of power. The plea is that where ever there is a third option, that they vote the third option. If there is not a third option, rather than not voting, i advise a protest vote,” he remarked.

Charlemagne argues that democracy is about  participation, stating that silence and inaction will get this country nowhere. He said some people have said they are not voting and they are encouraging others not to vote.

“I understand the disenfranchisement and the voter apathy. More of the same is not change. Don’t just identify the problem, be part of the solution. It is for this reason I have offered myself up for the past two elections,” he added.

Charlemagne also said even if the candidate fee was $1,000,000, that would not have deterred him from participating in this year’s election. “I would find a way. I am not about political expedience.”

The independent candidate said he has listened to the messages from his two opponents: Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) candidate, John Victorin, and United Workers Party (UWP) candidate, Dominic Fedee, but would rather do things differently, because he is not into making promises he cant keep.

“I personally do not believe in promises. So when I go out in the constituency, I do not make promises. I figure the business of the people must be handled from bottom up. I believe in groupings such as development committees, non-governmental organisations to be able to put out a plan for the constituency.”

He said Victorin is more community-oriented, while Fedee is like an “imposition on the electorate.”

Charlemagne currently runs an arts and entertainment business called Ponm Damou Kreations and said he does not plan on joining any political party because he does not believe in partisan politics.


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  1. Whoever u may is not your position to decide for Mr Peter where what and how to spend his money. Did u see a problem with the many fake politicians ? It's all people like you who sit back and watch the country suffer and eat the shit of the many politicians who offer empty promises.
    A man like this need to be applauded for his bold step and make his voice heard and need the support of others to bring about change with an impervious vision in mind and unless people decide to enjoy the hardship from those politicians who have generated millions and living in luxury from the votes of people like u who are not prepared for change u will continue to smoke from your pipe in hunger.
    Pls show some respect


  2. You know you can't win! You have clearly shown where your support is, what you are trying to do is split the votes in that constituency in favour of one of the other contenders. You're not fooling anyone.


  3. Saint Lucians will have to wait until they get a proper education about life, and about what really matters to stop the curse of talking undiluted crap on political platforms.

    Consider this for a moment. Whether the SLP or the UWP wins, Saint Lucians are too uneducated, and too mis-educated to understand how this economy operates. No one explains it. No one really cares. None of the candidates in ether party understand it. And it shows. The blind leading the blind. How more stupid can we get?

    Everyone, winners and losers have to beg the sitting PM, who most likely is going to grab the Ministry of Finance, for political crumbs for his or her constituents. It has never mattered who in fact wins.

    Lame-brained, pea-brained and dumb Saint Lucians do not yet understand that the individual constituencies do not generate separate revenue streams that are under the control of the constituency, such that there is revenue that will sustain the operations of each constituency.

    That is why we are so damn Third World and so pathetically and ignorantly tribal.

    So all this absolutely foolish talk and crappy promise of quality representation (those jackasses don't know what the hell is "quality representation") is just morons spewing a lot of hot air. Those who shoot all this freaking ignorant crap going around on the platforms are even dumber than those who lap up their foolishness. It is just pathetic 3rd World political pappyshow. It is pure entertainment.

    Thes vulgar extravagancies of past, useless, fruitless government expenditures means that had it not been for the Taiwanese largesse, both the UWP and the SLP would have nothing to show for constituency remedies. It is clear for those with eyes to see.

    Today, the country is so heavily indebted, that all monies coming in are going out to pay down debt. How many more foolish ministers of finance are lining up to do the same darn thing? How many are in the offing without a blasted clue about how to fix that?

    All. None of those have the knowledge nor the skills, nor the capacity to understand what this country is up against.

    The country is still at the mercy of unrestrained political idiots. We're in dire need for new and enlightened thinking. Our tired old morons looking for overseas handouts will not cure our structural unemployment. Their genius levels do not rise anywhere above that of our beloved Grave Yard miscreants. And so the create the environment that give you mayhem, "Red Wedding" stabbings on bus rides to political rallies , and of course, unending egregiously comical, laughable yet quite senile promises, and mind-numbing and retarding STEP.

    Foggy brains have been giving us a plethora of risible foggy ideas. Now watch out for the already observed geriatric shuffle.


  4. And everyday u buying a dry bread and small soft drink always missing a 10c and u can make deposit to lose I waiting for u next time


    • Below the belt politics. That is what our youth is revolting against. So go ahead throw you jabs. Does not fizzle me.


  5. i applaud this MAN and call for more of him
    this is the kind of CHANGE that will benefit the future... .enough of the hatred being spread at this time by being red or yellow.
    people need to FOCUS on the positives in life and this MAN has walked in like a breath of the freshest air... thank you Mr. Charlemagne. You have done the best thing for SAINT Lucians. if i was from anse la raye i would vote for this POSITIVE CHANGE!!!


  6. This guy is like "Who the hell is Fedee to try to come up in here and run shit !"



  7. Why give away your deposit, use that money to help people, if you say that you are concerned about the well being of people smh


  8. Things are so hard in St. Lucia right now, I do not think it is wise to spend $500 on Elections. To me it would be better if you invest that money in Ponm Damou Kreations. Our minds are already made up. We know who we voting.


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