Independence boycott by St. Lucia police deterred: “I call on the members to be patient”

Independence boycott by St. Lucia police deterred: “I call on the members to be patient”

(SNO) — The Police Welfare Association (PWA) has put on hold a planned Independence boycott and will meet with the government to discuss outstanding wage negotiations.

The negotiations are expected to come to an end in March and members of the PWA had reportedly planned to exclude themselves from this year’s Independence celebration if an agreement was not reached with the Government Negotiating Team (GNT).

But PWA President, Travis Chicot, told HTS that the association will “not rush the process” while it believes that it needs to get down to the bottom of the negotiating process.

He said he is willing to take the blame to push a meeting with the government to February 25.

“I may take flak on it,” Chicot told HTS. “Persons have called it political, persons have called it being in the pockets of the commissioner. It is what it is.”

He made it clear that he was not influenced by any individual in making the decision.

“However, I have said if there are implications for such action, I am prepared,” he said.

He appealed to PWA members to remain focused.

“There are benefits, as I’ve written to the GNT, that is very important to a police officer,” he stated. “Accepting monies or taking a quick fix or rushing is not the way forward. Let us sit at the tables because we’ve always been in good faith. I call on the members to be patient, to understand what we are going for and I guarantee you, I guarantee you, that if we are driving the point home for our benefits we will enjoy those benefits.”


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  1. The only time your employers will listen to you is to withdraw your services when the need you the most. I learned that firsthand, we did a sick-out on the busiest day of the month. We immediately got the salary increase we wanted a week later. Mr. Chicot has done a great dis-service to the officers as a chance like this will not appear again in a long time. This is the 40 independence anniversary embarassing the govt now would be a big statement. Police officers are essential workers so they cannot strike like ordinary empolyees. This was their only chance ow its gone


  2. Pissing in the officers eyes and calling it rain... You are using the poor officers in your "gains" with your political friends. The truth will be revealed soon. Officers rise up and remove this political prostitute as your president. He is not working in your favour but that of his UWP friends


  3. Chicot is only fooling himself and a few officers. Everybody knows that Chicot could probably do that some other time but would never embarrass the government with his partner Spider a part of it. Good try Travis!!!!


  4. I sensed a blackmail tactic. This strategy will never work because policing in saint lucia is an essential service. There are clear rules for engagement. Chicot should be so guided and don't allow what seems like political partisanship to erode good sense. He should also be careful not to further compromise the welfare of the men and women in uniform. What he should do is seeking to advance training and prrofessionalism opportunitie for them.


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