Increased police patrol, stop and search among police Christmas plans

Increased police patrol, stop and search among police Christmas plans


As the Christmas season approaches, the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) intends to ramp up its efforts to fight the inevitable increase in crime.

This is according to Assistant Superintendent Gregory Alexander, who revealed that there will be increased police patrol in and around the city, and the introduction of a ‘stop and search’ campaign to help curb this issue.

Alexander said that special patrols have been organized which will comprise of special reserve police and officers from various other units.

Plans are also being made to have more boots on the ground.

The increase in criminal activity, particularly robberies, assaults and muggings, during the Christmas season, is usually attributed to the increased level of commercialism associated with the holidays.

But the police are urging members of the public do its part to protect itself through the use of security measures, including the avoidance of wearing excessive jewelry, walking along lonely streets, and the use of electronic devices in public.

Police have often said that these activities invite robbers to target citizens and should therefore be avoided.

The public can expect to receive regular crime tips even as the police move to engage stakeholders and continue outreach activities with various communities across the island.

Meanwhile, attention will also be given to the peak tourist season, where more foreigners are more likely to travel here for vacation. The police will be on the alert for pickpockets and other criminals.

The RSLPF also plans to embark on a number of initiatives that will see the minimisation of traffic congestion in the city and its outlying areas.


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  1. lets list the variables that will contribute to the disastrous traffic for the season. 1 peoples inability to just move along marisule in front of courts they insist on slowing down...the decision now to allow the flea market to be in front of the arcade...creating a bottle neck in the roundabout...not to mention the complete disregard of people parking along the cdc on jeremie street....and now check points....lovely..


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