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Castries, Saint Lucia, Sunday November 7, 2021:– The Government of Saint Lucia elected following the July 26 General Elections is getting ready to observe, report on and celebrate its First One Hundred Days in Office.

The government, on Friday, announced it will be observing the marked date on Saturday, November 13, preceded by a national address by Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre, who led his ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) to a 14-3 victory at the polls.

PM Pierre is expected to list the SLP-led administration’s major achievements in its first 100 days, most of which will reflect the party’s election campaign theme of “Putting People First”. 

But apart from the listed achievements, the government and ruling SLP will also be celebrating the fruitful results of the unprecedented successful “Strategic and Tactical Alliance” entered into with two Independent Candidates, who also won their seats.

The celebration will also observe the unprecedented integration of non-ruling party members in the new inclusive Cabinet of Ministers appointed by PM Pierre after he was sworn-in on July 28.

True to his promise to build an “inclusive Cabinet”, Pierre appointed former Prime Minister Stephenson King as a “Senior Minister” and Minister for Infrastructure and former Housing Minister Richard Frederick as Housing and Local Government Minister.

The inclusion of the two Independent former UWP election candidates and Cabinet ministers also resulted in the government now enjoying a 15-2 majority in the House of Assembly.

Meanwhile, the Office of the Prime Minister issued a statement Friday indicating some of the government’s “Putting People First” achievements in its First 100 Days.

The list includes:

  • Securing $10 Million to repair homes for hundreds of helpless senior citizens;
  • Payment of $2.6 million worth of facilities fees for all primary and secondary school students island-wide;
  • A $1.8 Million Educational Assistance Programme that assisted students with books, uniforms, food allowance, and other stationery;
  • 500% Improvement in the testing capacity for COVID-19 by the Ezra Long Laboratory; 
  • Increased distribution and monthly increased records for the uptake of the COVID-19 vaccine;
  • Successful management of the fourth COVID wave and the deadly Delta-variant which severely impacted the world, which resulted in lower infection rates and relaxed but monitored protocols; 
  • Securing X-ray machines, oxygen concentrators, communication systems, and other much-needed equipment for hospitals; 
  • Appointment of Patient Welfare Officers to support nursing staff; 
  • Expansion of the allocation of resources to the police, including more full-time Special Police Constables and securing additional vehicles; and
  • The negotiated return of Virgin Atlantic flights to Saint Lucia.

Prime Minister Pierre is expected to address the nation in the coming week, ahead of Saturday’s “100 Days” celebratory observances.

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