Inaugural Address: President of the Saint Lucia National Youth Council Timothy Ferdinand

Inaugural Address: President of the Saint Lucia National Youth Council Timothy Ferdinand

August 19, 2012 – GOD IS THE BEGINNING AND THE END. So I would like to give official thanks to God! – for allowing me to experience this day and giving this opportunity to us all.

Vote of Thanks

I would like to say a very BIG Thank you to the persons who voted for me. The confidence you have deposited in me today is the fuel I will use to remain confident, resolute, strong, and focused for the coming years. To the General assembly- the reason we are here today is because you are genuinely committed to participating in the development of your nation.

To the delegates, you got the youth leaders to gather here on this very very important occasion and by doing so you have demonstrated your capacity to provide this new executive with strong support and backup or should I say ‘bakka’ for executing our mandate. THERE is no limitation to the youth movement if you are militant in your own communities just like your president will be; Graceful and diplomatic and WISE Like THIS executive will be; Resolute and influential like those who have gone before.

Thank you to all the candidates especially my co-candidate for demonstrating a keen desire to serve also as president of the NYC. I would like to urge you to continue to avail yourself for I will welcome your support and your expertise. The same goes for all the candidates who offered themselves. Do not disappear! In times of distress and in times of change, when the earth and its inhabitants scream at the birth pangs of crisis, relevant leaders always emerge. So look within yourselves and clarify that call upon your life to be a part of nation building, youth empowerment and change.

To the members of my past executive, I would like to thank you for your support and faith in me especially to Jonathan Chalon who made everything except mobilsation look so easy!! When he was worried i was confident! And when i was worried he was too confident. We’ve done much together and I would like to express compliments to his wife Mrs. Jessica Chalon who has been so supportive and understanding given the time consuming nature of this post of presidency.

To our TEAM-NYC volunteers who served throughout, be mindful that you are the pioneers of a new type and level of volunteerism in St. Lucia, and this is only just the beginning of things to come. I look forward to more volunteers coming onboard and discovering themselves and their ability through the NYC.

Special Recognition goes to the main organizers and management personnel such as Maria Sebastien our hardworking Peace Corp Volunteer and Nadge Augustine our faithful NYC Administrator.

Looking back

I must say the past two years have been exciting and full of thought, initiative, negotiations and vision. I am very pleased to have served on the 2010-2012 NYC Executive.

The past two years have been instrumental in my development, and it certainly was a pleasure working with you all to bring the NYC where it is today. Today the NYC stands in the corridors of its evolution- in a time when the eyes of our youth yearn for sustainability, when their nostrils long for the fresh breath of purity and genuine leadership; when their hearts crawl in search of opportunity and purpose, fulfillment and expression.


I am ready to speak, and ready to listen, ready to work, and ready to deliver.

No empty promises will be made because at this point you the youth of St. Lucia deserve much more than any promise a mere human being can give to you. If you have to rest, rest in the assurance that this executive will be totally committed to achieving the objectives you discussed during this weekend especially the increased support to the district councils and clubs, ensuring that by the end of our term, every dormant Youth and Sports Council is resurrected, all existing clubs be professionally and formally registered with official recognition in their communities, by government and in the private sector among small businesses and companies.


To create that enabling environment for innovation to flourish, for the culture of entrepreneurship to be intelligently fostered, for repatriation to the original business of Agriculture, where youth become pioneers of modernized production processes, where banks, the private sector, government and NGO’s reconcile, strategize and prioritize initiatives toward an agreed National Direction.

We live in a bitter-sweet symphony called LIFE and as youth we love it! And we want to be consciously involved in the consumption of it.

All I ask is that you all continue to support me and my entire executive in the initiatives and programs we undertake for and with you. The time to rise is now! The time to evolve and burst out into flames of Productive Expression is now!

Let the Journey Begin!!!



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