Improving the road infrastructure


23 August 2012 – Deputy Prime Minister Honourable Philip J Pierre says the Ministry of Infrastructure which he heads will continue to execute its extensive work program to improve the conditions of roads around the country.

Minister Pierre says while tremendous work has been done,still there are several roads in deplorable conditions.

In addition the Ministry has EC$33 million of retaining walls which needs to be constructed.

He says the government of Saint Lucia will seek to access loaning funding at the best interest rates to undertake the scope of works.

“The roads in this country are in such a deplorable condition and they didn’t get so in the last eight month and we aren’t blaming anybody,what we are saying we have to borrow to improve the conditions of the roads so we are not happy that we have to borrow money but its a necessary evil so there is no need for gloating because the Government of Saint Lucia is borrowing money to improve the country “.

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure assured that the funds which are borrowed will be prudently managed to improve life in Saint Lucia.


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