Improving the quality of life for residents of Dennery North

Improving the quality of life for residents of Dennery North
Shawn Edward

Tuesday, January 15, 2013 –  Parliamentary Representative for Dennery North Shawn Edward says despite economic and financial challenges the year 2012 was a rewarding one for his constituency – Dennery North.

In outline the many achievements Mr. Edward highlighted the strides made in the areas of education, agriculture and health.

“We’ve been fortunate to undertake several community projects which have begun to improve the quality of life for our people. Most of the schools in the constituency have been assisted with the execution of their programmes. Our farmers continue to receive assistance with farm inputs and very recently the Ministry of Agriculture embarked on a comprehensive drainage program that is geared towards bringing further relief to our farmers. “

The Member of Parliament says 2013 will see further projects coming on stream.

“There has been a concerted effort to improve the infrastructure in the Mabouya Valley. The sidewalk on the La Ressource Main Road which I promised a year ago is now completed and the much anticipated Dubonnair Bridge will be finished in time for an official opening ceremony which I hope will coincide with 2013 Independence celebrations.   I am aware that there is much more work to be done in the New Year and so a number of other projects will be undertaken perhaps the most critical being a comprehensive rehabilitation of our water supply. This project will bring an end to the water woes. of residence of Mon Panance in Grand Riviere and Austin Hill in Derniere Riviere and the many other affected areas.”

Other pronouncements included the lighting of the La-Ressource playing field expected to commence in February.

Mr. Edward assures his constituents that their concerns will continue to be  addressed in a timely manner.


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  1. I would like to echo the sentiments of En Rouge; fundamental development is not doing what is expected of you but to help people reach their full potential. For over twenty years the people of Mabouya Valley have been using water contaminated with pathogens. It is so ironic that an area with an abundance of water experiences constant shortages. Let us hold our elected offecials responsible and not give in to their rhetoric, platitude and manipulation.


  2. Why do we always present the provision of basic amenities as though they are some extra ordinary gift from the beneficence of political processes? They are bloody basic human dignities, not the bench mark for success. Every government is expected to provide these basic amenities for life, it's the other issues that we need governments - regardless of colour - to provide, such as comparable and relevant education, proper wages and standard of living, absence of corruption, public safety etc.


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