Important guidelines for consumers for the 2015 Jounèn Kwèyòl activities

Important guidelines for consumers for the 2015 Jounèn Kwèyòl activities
Sea eggs harvest
Sea eggs harvest
Sea eggs harvest

PRESS RELEASE – In accordance with the Fisheries Act and the Fisheries Regulations Cap 7.15 of the revised laws of St. Lucia 2001, the Department of Fisheries reminds vendors and patrons of2015Creole month and Jounèn Kwèyòl activities of the following:

CLOSED Crayfish Fishery Regulations

OPEN Lobster Fishery Regulations

OPEN Sea Urchin (or Sea Egg) Fishery Regulations

Crayfish Fishery CLOSED

The crayfish resource continues to be threatened by the illegal use of poisonous substances as a common means of harvesting.   As such, an extended close season (moratorium) on the harvest and sale of wild freshwater shrimp, prawns or crayfish remains in effect.

It is therefore illegal to remove from the rivers of Saint Lucia, expose for sale, sell, purchase, or at any time have in your possession freshwater shrimp or crayfish. Persons are encouraged to purchase farmed prawns from Aquaculture farmers.   Farmed prawns when alive can be generally distinguished by their large blue pincers (gandi) which are not present in the wild-caught prawns.

Sea egg vending
Sea egg vending

Lobster Open Fishery- August 2, 2015 to February 28, 2016

When purchasing and selling lobsters during the open period, each lobster must meet the following requirements:

  1. The lobster must have a carapace length of 9.5cm or more
  2. Lobsters must NOT be carry eggs (berried) or show evidence that eggs were removed;
  3. Lobsters should NOT be speared or hooked.
  4. Lobsters should NOT have a soft shell (i.e., be moulting)

Sea Urchin (Sea Egg) Open Fishery October 19 to 25, 2015

The sea egg harvest period this year (2015) will be open for 7 days.  When purchasing and selling eggs ensure:

  1. The sea urchin shell diameter is 9 cm
  2. Scuba gear is NOT used to fish for sea eggs
  3. All shells are buried after harvesting.

To ensure that there are lobsters, sea eggs and crayfish for generations to come and Saint Lucia’s fisheries resources remains healthy, the Department of Fisheries urges all persons to adhere to the Fisheries Regulations.

The Department wishes all persons a festive and enjoyable Creole Month & Jounèn Kwèyòl.

Sea egg harvesting group
Sea egg harvesting group

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