“Implementation of Collective Agreements” workshop for trade unions to be held November 17 to 25

“Implementation of Collective Agreements” workshop for trade unions to be held November 17 to 25

WorkshopsPRESS RELEASE – The Negotiations Unit within the Ministry of the Public Service, Information and Broadcasting will be hosting a series of workshops under the theme “The role of public officers in the implementation of the collective agreements”.

The workshops come on the heels of the conclusion of negotiations and the signing of eight Collective Agreements for the triennium 2013 – 2016, with seven Public Sector Unions and Staff Associations, under the umbrella of the Trade Union Federation namely:

  • St. Lucia Teachers Union
  • St. Lucia Medical and Dental Association
  • St. Lucia Nurses Association
  • St. Lucia Medical and Dental Association
  • Vieux Fort General and Dock Workers Union
  • St. Lucia Police Welfare Association
  • St. Lucia Correctional Service Welfare Association

The workshops will be held from November 17 – 25, 2015, at the Ministry’s Training Room, located on the first floor of the Sir Stanislaus James Building at the Castries waterfront.

According to the Negotiations Unit, the objectives of the workshop are to ensure that the stakeholders to the agreement have a common understanding of the provisions; provide clarification on matters of concerns; and promote the implementation of the Agreements.

Dates have been allotted for the respective Unions/Associations as follows:

Vieux Fort General & Dock Workers union November 17, 2015
Saint Lucia Correctional Welfare AssociationSaint Lucia Police Welfare Association November 18,2015November 18, 2015
Saint Lucia Fire Service Association November 19, 2015
Saint Lucia Nurses Association November 23, 2015
St. Lucia Teachers Union November 24, 2015
Saint Lucia Medical and Dental Association November 25, 2015

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