IMPACS report fallacious, says Dr. Andre Matthew

IMPACS report fallacious, says Dr. Andre Matthew
Dr Andre Matthew
Dr Andre Matthew

PRESS RELEASE – In three consecutive human rights reports, 2012, 2013 and 2014, the US reaffirmed its confidence in St. Lucia’s Judiciary.

The three reports state, “there is an independent, impartial judiciary in civil matters where one can bring lawsuits seeking damages for a human rights violation.”

By 2013, six (6) inquests into police killings in 2010/2011 were heard.  All six (6) inquests concluded that the police acted lawfully. It has been reported that most civilian casualties occurred during the execution of duly authorized search warrants.

However, IMPACS investigators declared the opposite, alleging somehow, that ALL the killings were fake encounters.

Police Commissioner Vernon Francois and dozens of other police officers were subject to lie detector tests conducted by the US. The overwhelming majority of police officers tested including the Police Commissioner, were found to be telling the truth.

Still, the Jamaicans reached the conclusion that the High Command of the Royal St. Lucia Police Force may have been involved in a cover up.

The allegations of the IMPACS investigators seem overzealous and fallacious.


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  1. I don't understand why st.Lucia higher cops from Jamaica to investigate cops in st.lucia, when the cops in Jamaica are more corupt and dirty....smh,...this is so stupid....makes me sick.


  2. This "Dr. Matthews" wants to be a politician and this is his start in being in the public's eye. Dude stick to your medicine because St Lucia can do better with you as a doctor rather than a liar politician.

    Besides what is your business with this whole issue. You seem to have alot on unused time on your hand. Find a hobby or use your time to be more current in your medical field.



  3. Why is the Doc so focused on impacs report? If you want to run for office, please come up with some more positive issues; like ways to save our failing economy. Impacs long gone let's move on.


  4. I have always said, and say again. The first public declaration of a "hit list" was made by the island's PM while he was in opposition. No one can deny that he came on the market steps to make this public declaration. When he was elected to office later he opened up IMPACS, amid incessant calls for him to use investigators who were seemingly neutral in the public eyes. The US or amnesty could have investigated for themselves and this idea this was quickly disregarded by the PM. Even when the report came out there was great delay since it was discussed and edited by the PM and his cabinet, a fact which he publicly alluded to. Now tell me how can the DPP, the US or anybody else who saw the report decipher what is truth and what was edited by the PM? This further brings into question why did he not release the report to the public instead of releasing his treatise on collusion of corrupt politicians, businessmen and police. He dodged this and disguised its non-disclosure under consideration of "national security." He even went as far as misquoting the former PM by cutting and pasting separate speeches that he had made, in order to insinuate that he had given orders for Operation Restore Confidence to be carried out in the particular manner that it allegedly unfolded. All these events really questions the integrity of the PM at resolving what he considered to be a matter of national significance. Note that the US did not take action while the King government was in power and allegations had already been made by the present PM followed by others. One would have guessed that it would have been the opportune time for the US to launch an investigation knowing that they could have had their way with King. However, it was not until that the current PM assumed office that the question was raised by the US about pronouncements made by him while in opposition. Therefore it seemed that the PM with his back against the wall was requested to prove what he had alleged.

    We cannot ignore the fact that our current PM is no fan of the US. We remember that he snubbed Joe Biden when he took the liberty to visit Cuba instead of attend a meeting with Biden in Trinidad, where all the HOGs were present. Besides the US has made it known that the PM is not a person who is interested in the country's development but in his own political future courtesy leaked documents in Wikileaks. We also know about the affiliation with ALBA and all the speeches made to denounce the US as a discrimative imperial power who should be resisted, all speeches were mentioned by the speakers as being endorsed by the PM. So here we are with facts that could easily suggest that this report could be a manufactured one designed to discredit the PM's opponents, cause instability in the Police force which would give him the mandate to restructure it himself, while not actually proving to the public that any are complicit in unlawful killings.

    But as fate has it the US is still not satisfied with something or somebody. It seemingly goes back to the issue of the PM's credibility, motive and actions. Now if St. Lucians are smart and read, do research and observe they will figure out the rest of this story. Bearing in mind there are several allegations of false documents being circulated within the public domain. Even the Richard Frederick visa issue comes under scrutiny as they were allegedly performed under the same circumstances, involving the US once again.

    Now this is where I have an issue with the country's opposition who has made St. Lucians none the wiser about such developments. Although the PM's party has been smart using all kinds of smoke screens to cloud the issue forcing the public to focus on less import things such as Chastanet inability to speak patois, his qualifications etc, etc.


  5. BULLSHIT talks, another somebody trying to be famous, ur not worth Lucian time let the DPP do her work cuz she's much more educated than u, let her say that so sit down, and know ur role Mr.nobody, GrosIslet don't need u so stop trying.


  6. I think Dr Mathews do have a point but I think he should stick to his medical practice and leave the politicking to the politicians. St.Lucian will be better served in your current position.


  7. I really want to be in your corner Doc but these half assed, badly developed, weak press releases serves merely to turn me off. If this is your level of discourse and political analysis then Bal Fini doc!!


  8. He knows what he's talking about. Hey, acquaint yourself with current affairs and give unbiased criticism.


  9. to be honest, I believe that that impacs report was flaud from the beginning. When you take a group of police officers from a country that has to deal with corrupt cops constantly it becomes the only thing they see say not 1 or 2 but every single shooting were fake encounters and that guns were planted seems a bit unbelievable. Right now I am beginning to question the validity of this report. Especially now I see how far persons are willing to go for politics/political gain with this latest circulation of a fraudulent letter from a well known university stating that a particular politician never attended their university......later to find out that he in fact did and also has the certificates to show for it as well as a statement from the said university denying ever sending the afore mentioned letter .

    It just makes you wonder now what else has been falsified.

    Recently I came across a photo on Facebook of a list the Jamaican police force put together of their most notorious criminals to date ,and I am left to wonder maybe we should call it their HITTT list too. Since they were the one to declare that the list of St. Lucians notorious criminals were actually and infact a hit list.


    • More like who is this guy, and what's his motives. He sounds foolish to me, lie detector test and all the police pass with flying colors hoopla I say, I think ill do like him and come and talk garbage on sno mayb I might win the grosislet seat hahahaha


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