‘I’m so sorry’ says Trinidad doctor over his racist, abusive comments

‘I’m so sorry’ says Trinidad doctor over his racist, abusive comments
Dr. Avinash Sawh

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) — Dr Avinash Sawh, the doctor heard in a leaked telephone recording using racist remarks and abusive language towards a now former employee is begging the nation for forgiveness for his hurtful words.

He has also apologised to the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service and to the former employees for his derogatory remarks.

Sawh issued the apologies yesterday morning during a media conference held at the Port of Spain office of his attorney Martin George.

The Council of the Medical Board of Trinidad and Tobago will meet today on the matter.

However, George said that there was no coincidence between that meeting and Sawh’s apology.

Sawh is the owner of Sawh’s Medical Associates located in San Fernando.

“I accept full responsibility for the national outcry that those statements have generated and the hurt that must be felt by the varying sectors of the national community,” Sawh said.

He added that he was also sorry for bringing shame and embarrassment to his family, employees, community and profession.

“I truly regret that I felt the need to express myself in that manner and I understand fully the damaging, dangerous and deleterious effect those statements have had and the far reaching consequences that can flow from reckless spoken words. I should not have allowed myself to succumb to the temptation to express myself in this manner and I give an unreserved undertaking that such an incident will never repeat itself, as those callous words are not a reflection of who I am, either in thought, word or deed,” he said.


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