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I’m not a fire cracker with no real flame, says Herbert Roserie

By SNO Staff

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Herbert Roserie

The Micoud North Constituency could be the most sought after seat in the next general elections, since there are already three confirmed candidates that are set to compete against each other.

The ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) Candidate, Herbert Roserie, said he is ready to create an impact at the next elections and has expressed confidence in securing the seat.

Roserie, will be going up against fiery Opposition Leader and the incumbent MP for Micoud North Dr. Gale Rigobert and one-time MP for the same constituency, Jeannine Compton-Antoine.

Despite the SLP candidate does not have a political background, Roserie said he is a grassroots person and is well known in the constituency, who wants to see it developed.

While admitting that he is sometimes shy and reserved, the SLP candidate said his approach to issues affecting the constituency will be different. “I will be candid, honest. I think I can use this to make a connection because I will not come across as fake, overzealous, boisterous and really a fire cracker with no real flame, “he asserted.

Speaking about his competitors, Roserie said Rigobert’s performance is poor and opined that she is not popular within the Micoud North constituency.

On the other hand, Roserie said he is still of the view that Compton-Antoine will have to work for her votes and make her own strides in order to create an impact. “Of course she is not an opponent one could marginalize. She has been there and has been working on the ground and you cannot ignore her,” he explained.

However, the SLP candidate said the people of Micoud North are knowledgeable enough to understand that they will not get much out of an independent candidate.

Micoud, according to him, has the potential to grow and create opportunities for the constituents.

He said tourism and the creation of small cottage industries could develop economic prospects.

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  1. Is it roserie or worry beads?

  2. Hey! After all these years in office, this is the best the KDA can attract to the party?

    SLP is really scraping the bottom of the barrel. KDA has few mature nationals who want to endure his Fidelisimo crap.

  3. In this day and age both parties must present candidates who have the competence,ability and capability and educational background to make meaningful contribution in the house and also provide quality and effective representation. I will cast my vote on that basis.

  4. Fire Cracker, 'What is that' as I see it the flame you think you have is called Cracker Jacks, because your flame has been watered down by Gale. She is is only one with the true flame to whip you in Micoud North

  5. Can these damn parties find candidates who BOTH chew gum and say ride a bicycle AT THE SAME DARN TIME? What a shame! What else does this one bring to the table other than being just a glorified community development officer.

    Are road patching and fixing lights to electrical posts in his area, all that this one can do? What set of nuisance candidates are. The difference is the colour of their shirts, This is maddening!

    Such candidates are just rubber stamps for arrogant nonsense like Julaffie. WHERE IS THE CHANGE THAT THIS COUNTRY TO LIFT IS OFF ITS BEGGING KNEES?

    • He has started on the wrong foot already? No runs on the scoreboard and he out already.

      Here's a definition of "firecracker" from the online dictionary,
      noun: ▸
      a kind of firework that makes loud noises when it explodes

      Okay. So the idea of flame being synonymous with a firecracker is slightly off. But since it is not even making a sound, it is what then?

      It's a dud!!! SLP has put in a dud.

      ▸someone or something that is very disappointing
      ▸a bomb or other explosive object that fails to explode

      Woye-oh-yohyee! Me mezeer oui! When will SLP stop making mistake, after mistake, after mistake? When?

  6. lol. St.Lucian politics! What a joke, all kinds of clowns want to vie for political office.


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