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ILLEGAL: Turtle slaughtered at Reduit Beach

By SNO Staff

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An adult Hawksbill Turtle that appeared to have made it’s way on the Reduit Beach, Gros-Islet to nest was discovered slaughtered and its remains left behind in a remote area behind Reduit Beach.

The discovery was made by a frequent beach user today, Wednesday, June 3 and the find was reported at about 3 p.m .

Based on today’s discovery, the turtle may have been killed on Monday evening.

“The remains included a decomposing shell and intestines, along with mature and immature eggs,” an official told St. Lucia News Online (SNO). “All the turtle meat was extracted along with the head and flippers.”

This is the first known and reported incident for 2015.

The official said the sea turtle hunting season is closed, therefore it is illegal to hunt and/or kill turtles at this time. The harvesting seasoning usually runs annually from Oct. 1 to Dec. 31, with conditions.

“Currently, we are in the nesting period,” the official emphasized.

No one has been arrested for this incident so far, but anyone caught and found guilty faces a maximum fine of $5,000 and/or one year imprisonment.

The official said in 2013, a turtle was encountered in the same area.

“It was coming up to nest but it’s head was slashed by the propeller of a boat. This was reported in the news also and was a big story, because we had to put it to sleep given the severity of the injury,” the official said.



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  1. The turtle was slaughtered and most of us here are not very happy about it.

    For me, I am very concerned with what happens next and really curious to know:

    * How thorough will the investigation be?
    * Who is responsible for conducting the investigation?
    * Has it started?
    * Are the investigators searching for a needle in a haystack or do they have a list of probable locations and turtle meat vendors/buyers that can be called in for questioning?

    In matters such as what transpired, the sooner one starts the probe the quicker the bastards get arrested.

  2. %,,,,go...kal...

    There should be things in place to catch those perpertrators involve. Unless,the authorities doesn't increase their surveilance system. We will continue to see such incidence on the rise. It may not be our regular town or village fishermen engage in that practice but those fishing people coming their with pick up trucks late at nights. Other procedure is to combine forces with those hotels on Reduit Beach. So,they too can contact the police as soon as possible. Likewise,as i have been saying our police patrols are rear after a certain time through the evening until morning. I have made mention of such issues while thee officers are conducting their programme called the police. Turtle nesting grounds deserves more protection. Marine police should participate in that process.

  3. This is sad and heartbreaking. So sad that St.Lucians are still so close-minded and ignorant. At what point will we change and elevate ourselves. Such a beautiful creature which chooses our shores to return to and it is destroyed and those babies who will never get a chance or continue that legacy. Oh so sad.

  4. all hit is hit, yall lucky wasn't me that find it..the whole turtle I was taking

  5. These illegal practices continue because there is a demand to buy and eat turtle meat.Turtles are endangered species. OMG, the people who do this are heartless with little regard for life and the turtle population in St. Lucia.


  7. taste good too

  8. Son of the Soil

    By our actions, do we even deserve this ancient creature coming to nest on our shores?

    Events like this should tell us that either people are desperate for food (not likely since the eggs were left behind), or that they do not care about the future of these creatures.

    What rare kind of idiot would kill a female turtle BEFORE it lays its eggs?

  9. The Commentator


  10. What an asshole thing to kill those animals. Do you know that in Barbados the turtles swim without fear of humans. St. Lucia is one of the only islands where the turtles run and hide from man.

  11. Have seen fishermen at the end of the beach with turtles in their nets and trying to hide them from the people walking Reduit in the early morning!

  12. ignorant people alone smh

    please educate the masses

  13. What a shame. Lucians are killing the natural wildlife we have been bless with. Please think twice before doing this nonsense.


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