Illegal female workers arrested at exotic club in the North

Illegal female workers arrested at exotic club in the North


Police have arrested some 14 foreign female nationals during an operation at a strip club in the North.

Reports are that the foreigners who are employed with the strip club, does not have work permits.

A majority of the women are citizens of Venezuela and Dominican Republic, it has been reported.

A 2013 Human Rights Report listed St. Lucia as a destination for persons subjected to forced prostitution.


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  1. They was going to the United states Virgin Island ,but no St. Lucia has a sin issue ,because they are not looking for God.


  2. It's closer to home uall saying deport the illegals but when trump say he deporting illegals we all make it a problem. Lol jus saying. Lol


  3. do these st lucian men who go there know that the Dominican Republic and Haiti have the highest HIV rates in the western hemisphere? so what does this say about the prostitutes or so-called dancers? people check yourselves before you wreck yourselves! Aids aint no joke ting!


    • we all must be careful and protect ourselves from HIV/AIDS......but nowhere in d report was Haiti mentioned tho.....


  4. aa, why those people want to mess up st lucia good name...why cant they do their nastiness in their own country....get them out


  5. So it was easy to arrests a few women working here undocumented. But, whats about all the other Caribbean Nationals living and working here illegally?

    When will our immigration department get serious and crack down on them. One only has to walk in Castries and you can see them. You can even know them by their accents.
    So why is the immigration department so relaxed in cracking down on them?


  6. Send these people back to their country and fine those responsible for them and I mean fine them with a big sum.


  7. I am happy this story is coming to light. Human sex trafficking is a major problem worldwide and I would not like to see my beloved island become part of that network. These women were probably being forced to work against their will and also subjected to sexual abuse.
    It is time for women's rights to be at the forefront-to be respected and upheld. Good day to all.


    • you really think they were bein held and bein forced to strip against their will???? hmmmm think again.


  8. Hypocrites said nothing when all these clubs were in operation at Grande Riviere. Most of these clubs are owned by police officers anyway. Go check. Hipocracy is like a cancer slowly killing St. Lucia.


  9. Isn't prostitution illegal here ? Isn't public nudity illegal here ? Either of those activities is as addictive as drugs, which ultimately can lead to more crimes, such as rape, theft ,and murder. We cannot let our moral and social fabric to be tampered with by foreigners.


    • Maybe we should consider making alcohol illegal.

      It has FAR more of a detrimental effect on the Community, Health Services and subsequently our Economy, than marijuana and prostitution put together.

      Fat Chance of that happening!


  10. Yes! It is true. There are a number of underage children held against their will in cages like animals for sex trafficking right here in this country.


  11. I wonder if they were working as strippers or just normal employees like a bar tender and stuff


    • Stop wondering stupidness...

      Which bar in St Lucia have you ever visited and they were 14 normal employees like bar tenders!


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