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“If something needs fixing, then it is us who must also fix it” – PM Anthony


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PM Anthony. Photo credit:

Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony has invited the citizenry of the country to bring their concerns to the newly-launched National Vision Commission.

Speaking at the launch of the commission Monday evening, Dr. Anthony recognised there will be skepticism among the populace about the mission of the commission, adding that “We must have realistic expectations about this challenge we are taking up. But I think as Saint Lucians we are up to that challenge, and so I am asking everyone … to bring your skepticism with you to the discussion table.”

Anthony said the public should apprise the commission of the way in which they would like to see the country progress. He said he would like people to see the establishment of the Vision Commission as the drafting of a collective approach to our problems and solutions.

“We must be mindful also that whatever we imagine Saint Lucia can become, it will not come about without vision, without planning, without conscious choice and sacrifice.  If we want a different future, we ourselves will need to change.  We cannot expect others to do for us what we will not do for ourselves. Under all our desire to shape the future, is a need to change ourselves,” he stated.

The commission will explore ideas and implement strategies for advancing the education sector, guide the country’s investment and policies and shape priorities in health and human services, among other duties.

However, Anthony has urged his people that they should not “wait to be called,” rather they should invite the commission to community meetings. “Have your voices heard … if something needs fixing, then it is us who must also fix it.”

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  1. The SLP is slowly moving away from business as usual colonial-type John Compton politics. It is beginning to evolve and distancing itself from the UWP, as night is to day. But why did it take so long, with so many intellectuals in its camp? Why did it take this long? It is quite there yet. But there is hope.

  2. Unless and until this whole exercise is firmly based on INCLUSION of all and sundry BOTH AT HOME AND ABROAD, to include the diaspora, then it is still remains basically empty rhetoric. Sounds nice. That's all. No synergy is implied or can be expected to emerge from this. Somebody is NOT doing his or her homework.

  3. How do you fix stupid?

  4. Fix it how? Where do we bring our ideas? Oh, wait... the only way to get into these meetings or at the table for any kind of discussion is to either; a) be a party hack, 2) my nen-nen is your nen-nen, or 3) My last name holds some kind of weight. Please Kenny and Tony - give me a break!

  5. So you clowns finally admit you have no vision. Took you morons long enough.

    • What an idiotic statement. Isnt inclusion of ideas of the general public a better pool to choose from than the ideas of just a few?


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