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“If it is meant to help the country then i’m saying yes to it” – Prudent on Cabinet appointment

By Samuel Sukhnandan, Staff Journalist

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Therold Prudent, LPM Political Leader

Therold Prudent, LPM Political Leader

Now that Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has named his cabinet, persons have been coming forward to critique his decision to reconfigure the various government ministries.

Adding his voice to this is Lucian Peoples Movement (LPM) Leader, Therold Prudent, who said it may be too early to state whether the reconfiguration will be effective or not, explaining that Chastanet and his team should be allowed to work first.

“If it is meant to help the country then i’m saying yes to it. And one should not be quick to try to judge what is happening here. Until they have gone to work and we are able to assess how things are shaping up, then…but its premature to try to judge what he is trying to do here,” Prudent said.

The LPM leader continued, “I know there are those in the Saint Lucia Labour Party, who would still believe that they should be able to dictate to Allen Chastanet what his government should look like, but its his house.”

While he admitted that the appointment is a bit different and it may be viewed as a bit puzzling, Prudent told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that it would be wise if Chastanet explain to the nation his rationale for the decision.

“It seems that basically he has hogged or taken on every single ministry there is. It may be that he has someone for the External Affairs Ministry. Like other countries in the world, we we don’t see a sitting prime minister holding that ministry because most prime ministers would require to be home, to see that things are going right,” he added.

The LPM leader feels that  Sarah Flood-Beaubrun may be appointed Minister of External Affairs.

As it relates to the Ministry for Equity, Social Justice, Empowerment, Youth Development, Sport, Culture and Local Government, Prudent said he believes that this ministry is basically the Ministry of Sport and he finds it a bit strange that three ministers have been appointed to this one department.

The LPM, he said, will be a major voice in the next five years and will have zero tolerance for any form of corruption and victimization. Prudent said he hopes that the new government will work for all Saint Lucians.


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  1. I thought you were back in the USA already!


  2. Prudent, this right here is the reason you will never inspire people to follow you. You just seem so indecisive and skittish! Anyway moving on!

    I agree with you on the point that is the new appointments for the ministries and thier construct is very puzzling.

    But under no circumstances am I willing to give this monstrosity a ''test drive''.

    Tourism is the bedrock of our nation, without it we fall. Yet it does not receive a ministry dedicated to nurturing and growing this important sector!

    National insurance is a key organ in our economy and a gauranteed lender when our government requires funds. Yet its is not even mentioned!

    I always viewed Allen as the anti thesis of KDA but here he goes giving mary isaac who has no relevant experience the ministry of health. Kenny did the same thing! And how did that work out? Get injured and go to VH. See if you eh dying before you help.

    These ministries have very little synergy and just seem so chaotic!

    Mr Prudent, grow a pair, call it like it is.


  3. O yes I am sure the new government will work for all St. Lucians including the 152 voters who voted for you


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