If governments work together, we can solve regional transportation: Antiguan official

If governments work together, we can solve regional transportation: Antiguan official
Chief of Staff Lionel Max Hurst
Chief of Staff Lionel Max Hurst

(ANTIGUA OBSERVER) – Lionel “Max” Hurst, Government Chief of Staff, said that the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) members have to work together to solve the issue of regional transportation.

He made the comment in an interview with OBSERVER media, following Prime Minister Gaston Browne’s speech at the Opening Ceremony at the 39th Meeting of the CARICOM Heads of Government.

The Prime Minister, on Wednesday night, called on regional governments to implement a plan to reduce the cost of sea and air transportation.

“Our Caribbean Community cannot continue to abrogate responsibility for ensuring the availability of reliable and regional air and sea transportation,” said Prime Minister Browne.

Hurst said that although the region faces lack of resources to implement many plans, it is not addressing anything new.

“We (the region) know what our challenges are. But part of the reason that we cannot solve them is because we face lack of resources required [to do so],” he said.

Hurst said that the position of Antigua and Barbuda is not unreasonable and he called on the other countries who use regional transportation services, like the

Leeward Islands Air Transport (LIAT), to help lessen the burden on the four governments who own the airline.

“What the Prime Minister is attempting to do is get the three other English-speaking countries that utilise the services of LIAT to collaborate and to provide more assistance to lessen the burden on the four countries that now claim ownership of LIAT. And this is reasonable; it is not an unreasonable position,” he said.

Hurst stressed: “All the Prime Minister is saying that we should treat LIAT the same way. If these big airlines did not come into [the Eastern Caribbean], then there would be no tourism from North America. It is also the case, if LIAT were not flying in many of these countries in the Eastern Caribbean, their airports would look like ghost towns.”

He added, “It is important for all of us to support LIAT, because [it] is not going to be a profit making [company] but we need it.”


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  1. This is a private sector issue’ ang government (greedy politicians) should stay out. It’s a supply and demand issue. Governments should be the catalyst not creating hinderence to prosperity.


  2. Why is Antigua so desperate that it seeking to put words in other people's mouths about what they have not said or agreed to? That is very funny. That country always pulled the shots. It is still trying to do so now.

    Then, why are the other shareholder governments not speaking up? Why aren't all the shareholder governments not speaking with single voice?

    What does Antigua know that the others don't? Pray tell.


    • Because the invest the most to keep the airline afloat While it's ppl have to pay carazy ticket prices just for a hour n a half to two our flight...... Do u know it's the price for a ticket to the US or Canada is almost if not the same to some Caribbean island on liat


    • Where is the desperation you speak of? Wanting a functional air transportation system with affordable costs for its citizens and regional allies is desperation? This is a DUMB statement! How do you think airlines in the developed operate? By doing whatever the hell they like? It takes government and private industries alike to come together and fix these problems!


      • Blah!! Blah! Blah! West Indians love to talk shyste. Sad. They tihnk they are making sense, once they make stupid appeals, as if to the Heavens, to fix their earthly problems.

        Who the hell gets the private sector and governments together on a business initiative that is so capital intensive, and where the company concerned is just a paper company? And when it is just a shell company that is perpetually on life-support? Who?

        Like a vampire, the airline is asking for more blood. Sorry. Sorry. I am sorry. Another subsidy.


  3. We can do everything together. Black people fail to realize that. So mentally enslaved.


    • You don’t have to be mentally enslaved to see when you are being robbed. Why do we want to throw our money at a business that is never going to be profitable?


      • You become an angry enslaved customer. It is a government mafia operation.

        The government owners fix it so that you have no choice but to pay a ransom, each time you travel and the robber LIAT forces you to pay through your nose to use its airline. Every time you fly LIAT you are robbed.


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