IDB launches cartoon and illustration contest for Latin America and Caribbean

IDB launches cartoon and illustration contest for Latin America and Caribbean

WASHINGTON, Feb 26, CMC – The impact of automation on the job stability of workers in Latin America and the Caribbean is among the criteria being used by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) for its third edition of the Cartoon and Illustration Contest.

The IDB said that the cartoons and illustrations must be submitted on or before March 31 this year, and that the contest, which is open to all its member countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, is being held under the theme “The Future of Work”.

“Faced with an environment in which technology will transform both the way we work and the occupations we know today, this contest invites participants to use their creativity to show, through cartoons and illustrations, how they imagine technology will shape the future of work,” the Washington-based financial institution said.

It added that the contest focuses on the future of work for the private sector as well as for government and public administration and broadens the scope beyond cartoons to incorporate all kinds of illustrations.

“In particular, we are looking for original graphic works that capture examples of robots as allies of humans in the workplace, the impact of the automation of production processes in developed countries, changes in working styles and new labour relations that are emerging through technology, in both the public and private sectors”.

Changes in the work of governments and how they will be able to take advantage of technology to provide better services to citizens and to allow for better decision-making as well as technological advances that help improve the quality of social services in sectors such as education and health, will also form part of the criteria..

The IDB said that the jury will also examine how women can take advantage of the opportunities created by new technologies in the workplace and whether these technological advances increase or decrease the gender wage gap, help balance family and work responsibilities.

The bank said that the jury will choose a total of up to 10 finalists from which two winners will be selected, including one by the general public.

“The winner chosen by the jury will be invited to participate in an IDB event in Washington, D.C., or in any of its member countries and will also receive a professional illustration device.

“The winner chosen by the public, through a Facebook survey, will receive a professional illustration device. If the work chosen by the jury and by the public on Facebook is the same, the favourite prize of the public will go to the work that achieves the second largest vote.”


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