IAU recognizes Ravindra for his academic achievements

IAU recognizes Ravindra for his academic achievements

Ravindra Mangar, the top CSEC student on the island, benefited from the generosity of the International American University College of Medicine (IAUCOM), when he was awarded for his tremendous feat at this year’s CSEC Exams, at the school’s White Coat ceremony, held last Friday.

The school presented Mangar with a plague and a cash for his monumental achievement which has impressed the entire nation.

Mangar attained 15 subject passes–12 Grade Ones, including 10 distinctions, and three Grade Two’s in the May/June 2013 exams.

Dean of Basic Sciences at IAU, Dr. Ezzeldin Nasser, showered Mangar with praises for his tremendous feat, stating that the school is very proud to recognize his outstanding achievement.

Mangar achievement was also acknowledged at the ceremony by the prime minister’s press secretary, Jadia Jn. Pierre Emmanuel, who wished him success in his future endeavors.

Ravindra, who described IAU as a “good school”, said he is thankful to IAU for recognizing him for his hard work, adding such a reward will go a long way in further motivating him to continue working hard to achieve his goal.

“I am very happy that the school has awarded me for my performance…” he said.

He added that he would like to see more institutions do likewise.

His father, Jairraj Mangar, who also spoke about the school in glowing terms, said it was a very good gesture on the part of IAU to recognize his son’s achievement.

“It is nice to see him (Ravindra) been recognized by an institution in the south…” the father said.

He added that IAU has been involved in a number of community-based activities in the south which is appreciated by residents.

Ravindra described his son as a discipline young man who takes everything he does very seriously.

He added that as a parent, he made it his duty to ensure that his son gets all the resources he requires to do his school work.

Sibi Gopalakrishnan, public relations officer of IAU, said in the future the school will be awarding students from schools in the south who have performed well academically, adding that the school is very much committed to the development of the south.


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  1. Congrats to the Dad for making sure his son had what he needed to acheive his goal. And also to the son who took advantage of it. I am sure there are more like him but dont have somone to provide for them.


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