“I would love to see him dead or alive” – Laborie man missing for over two months

By SNO Staff
MISSING: David Renee

MISSING: David Renee

Today, March 20, 2017 makes it two months and two weeks since father of two David Renee has been reported missing, and his relatives just want one thing: closure.

“I would love to see him, dead or alive, just to bring closure to us,” said his sister, Lindy Renee, in an interview with St. Lucia News Online (SNO) on Monday.

David, originally from Banse La Grace, Laborie but was living at Cedar Heights, Vieux Fort at the time of his disappearance, would have celebrated his 47th birthday on March 1. He is the father of a 16-year-old boy and an eight-year-old girl.

“Two months gone, no closure, no leads,” Lindy added.

David was reportedly last seen on Wednesday, January 4 around 7 p.m. by a passerby. At the time, David was reportedly loading several furnishings into a red pickup parked outside his rented home in Cedar Heights. Police have already interviewed the driver of the pickup.

SNO understands that after 8 p.m., that same day, police officers on patrol spotted David’s BMW parked in a remote area behind Public Works. All the doors and windows were locked.

The officers contacted his cousin who went to the location the following day (Thursday, Jan. 5). David’s mother was contacted about the find, and she filed a report with the Vieux Fort Police Station.

The vehicle was removed the same afternoon. Investigations later revealed there was nothing suspicious about the vehicle, according to relatives and police sources.

In an interview today,  David’s mother, Celina Renee, told SNO that she and her children continue to hear many rumours and speculations about her son’s disappearance, and none of have been useful. Celina said she is stressed out and her blood pressure skyrockets every time she hears a new rumour or speculation.

“They told his brother somebody might have killed him,” said the distraught mother.

This reporter has also received a number of rumours regarding David’s mysterious disappearance. A blogger on a news site claims that David, the “handsome Laborie joiner”, joined some tourist lady in her hotel room.

“What they do is their business,” the blogger concluded.

Majority of the rumours claim that the cash-strapped David may have been killed by someone or some people he owed. They added that he may have been killed and buried where no one could find him.

Relatives did confirm with SNO that David was experiencing severe financial difficulties at the time of his disappearance. He hadn’t worked for many weeks, and bills and financial obligations were piling up.

A March 7 online report from the Voice newspaper states that David had tried borrowing from various persons.

“A number of persons who are followers of the various religious denominations with which David once associated, told this reporter that he had approached them seeking financial assistance, but they could not afford to help him,” the Voice article states.

His sister confirmed the report.

“Yes, he wasn’t working for a while. He had some financial issues. He was frustrated of not working for a while,” she said. “…. Apparently, he was owing a few persons from what I have heard.”

However, she pointed out that help was coming his way from a brother who offered him a job in the Dutch Caribbean island of Saba.

“My brother from overseas did promise him a job overseas,” she noted.

There is also speculation that David may have fled the island with a new love, via air or by boat.

Lindy does not believe this. She said her brother was too close to his family, particularly his mother, to break their heart this way, and he was feverishly selling some of his personal items, presumably, to help finance his trip to Saba.

He was also planning to sell his BMW, Lindy said.

SNO understands that David’s passport, which reportedly expired last year, was discovered in a suitcase from his home in Cedar Heights. It is being speculated that he was trying to raise funds to apply for a new passport.

Reliable sources confirmed that on Jan. 4, David had handed over several household items – a television, sofa and table – he sold to his ex-girlfriend. Those were the same items he was reportedly seen loading onto a red pickup.

According to several reliable sources, police officials said the said items were seen at the home of the ex-girlfriend, who did confirm to police that she bought the items from David to assist with his financial situation.

There are also unsubstantiated reports that David arrived in a black pickup and dropped off an item at his ex-girlfriend’s home at least one day after he was officially reported missing.

Of note, police sources said the ex-girlfriend have already been questioned and have found nothing suspicious. The lawmen also claimed that they have no evidence that ties David to any criminal activity.

With all these reports and speculations many have asked: what about David’s phone records?

His sister Lindy, as well as a senior police investigator, have confirmed that police had formally requested David’s phone records from one of the telecommunications company. They have since received those records, but nothing suspicious was uncovered, according to reliable sources.

The lawmen initially requested phone records of one to two weeks before the official missing person’s report was filed.

Majority of the communications were from David’s close relatives, church members, workers and friends.

However, a second request has been made for an older history of David’s telephone records. Investigators are hoping they will find a clue.

Regardless, David’s family is still not satisfied that the police have done enough.

Relatives also believe the many rumours may not be helping the situation.

“We have heard so much. I think that’s the reason why the police didn’t do much. Too many people had to add to it,” Lindy said.

Asked if she thinks he is still alive, Lindy said: “Well I am not thinking so, since two months are gone and we haven’t seen or heard from him. I would love to see him, dead or alive, just to bring closure to us.”

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  1. What about the ex girlfriend who always claims she has nothing with him where's she getting the money to buy the items from him she dont work the day before he went missing you red eye his stuff cause u came for it the ex should be questioned she knows where he is ex should give the family closure just confess u no what's going on who ever u are strange

  2. I have a feeling this young man is alive he must have left the Island sine he is owing people .He may not want people to know where he is .but please if your are alive just let your mom know u are alive cus I am a mother and I know what it is when u not hearing from your son.please call your mom just let her know u are ok

  3. That whole situation sounds bizarre...driving BMW and seeking funds to get passport...laughable...i still share sympathy for the family⏳

  4. So sad. I hope ur family finds closure and comfort in the lord especially your mom siblings and kids.

  5. This whole scenario must be so argonizing on his Mother in particular.Such a sad and mysterious situation.

  6. i pray god that hes found alive and young man if youre seeing or hearing the news pls let your ppl know that youre fine


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