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“I wished to see my mother dead” – A YPG story


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slide1Everybody in life desires to have peace, everyone desires to wake up in the morning and have their family together and their home filled with joy. My house was not like this, not because we didn’t want but because I didn’t allow. I was the worst person to have in your house if you can understand what I mean.

My mom and I didn’t agree, we used to look like two strangers under the same roof. I wanted to do my own things and walk my own path. I had the desire of leaving my house and never come back; this was my thoughts day and night. I didn’t do it because I feared.

I was failing at school and because of friends influencing me to do wrong, I started drinking. I used to do it hidden from my mother. All I wanted was to follow friends and because of that I was shouting at my mother and cursing her.

When she never allows me going to parties, I used to be rude to her, and turn my back and walk away leaving her to talk alone. Sometimes I used to tell her that I was going to a friend’s house but I was going to party instead. I used to skip class to be with my friends.

One day a terrible thought came to me. It was the desire of seeing my mother dead, I thought that if she was dead I could go and do whatever I wanted, and what I just wanted was to be free and go to parties with my friends. My mother loved me but I used to hate her.

My mother was providing everything for me and my brothers; we had food to eat, clothes to wear and money to go to school. I didn’t have reasons to disrespect her, to be rude and miss class but I was doing all this and I didn’t know the reason why. It was like there was a strong force controlling my body and my mind. Many times before going to sleep I used to think about my life, my future and my mother. I wanted to do the right things but I didn’t have strength to change on my own.

My mother was so fed up of the situation in the house that she started to look for counsellors and people that could help me but I didn’t care. She heard about the YPG (Youth Power Group) and decided to bring me there, I didn’t want to go and when I came there I wasn’t feeling happy. My desire was to leave that place but my mother told me to stay.

It was the best day of my life and I don’t regret it.

Today I’m a different person and I have peace within myself, my mother and I are like best friends and I love her. I don’t drink anymore and I am doing great in life. I finish my nursing course and my dreams are coming true. I gave my life to God and today I help others with the same problem.

– Solange Jackie

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The life story displayed here is real and if you want to meet Solange Jackie she is available every Friday to talk to you. It is free and private. Contact us at:

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  1. I'm proud of you sweetie....

  2. I'm proud of you sweetie. .....

  3. I'm glad you'll found peace and love again. Keep it going god bless!

  4. everybody in that church has the same testimony coincidence? DO NOT COME FOR ME THAT'S MY OPINION!!!!!!!!

  5. trusting God Always

    God is Good. Keep trusting and having faith in God and let him work his will. God loves us but we are sometimes to much in a hurry and dont give him the time to work with us. Sometimes we want to do it on our own what is impossible. And the most important thing is prayer. Pray when you are happy. pray when you are sad and miserable and remember to give god time to answer your prayer because your time is not his time. Also sometimes he will answer you with a yes I want that for you But the timing is not right yet or yes i will give it to you now the timing is right. sometimes he answers with a NO that is not what I want for you. If i give you this it will be you distruction. When we trust in god and open our hearts to him he work wonders for us.

    Thank god for that wonderful change in your life. I wish you God continuos love, guidance and blessings. Go out there my girl and bless others and let them see and know the miracle god has perform in your life. Indeed he is worthy to be praise.

  6. Tell the children the truth

    Thank you Mama for the 9months you carried me through!! Good luck my girl keep loving your mama

  7. Amazing... u Go girl

  8. To god be the glory keep doing well

  9. Happy People.Great i just got cold with goose bumps a shining star moment,now you can help others because you have lived it miracles do happen and the message is that mother never gave up,she never quit on her child.Mama is the best she does not have to be pefect,she to has flaws,but the love of a mother never fades.Great story happy ending.I hope other young people use this story as an example if they're going through the same issues.God bless you Shining Star,peace to you.

  10. Omg!!! I'm literally in tears!!! I didn't want to read it because of the caption and as I started reading I'm saying this is not normal and I'm so happy there's a happy ending


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