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“I will prove everybody wrong” – SLP Castries North candidate

By SNO Staff

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John Charlery

John Charlery Photo: SLP

The Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) has selected a candidate to contest the Castries North seat at the next elections, who plans to defeat the incumbent MP and former Prime Minister Stephenson King.

John Charlery has expressed confidence that he could unseat King, but admitted that it will be a huge challenge given King’s popularity in the country and in particular that constituency.

“I know to myself that on the day of the elections I will prove everybody wrong,” he remarked.

Charlery has said that his team is working hard to understand the needs of the constituents and see how best he can help to address some of the issues they face.

While he acknowledged security, unemployment and the lack of sporting facilities are among some of the major issues affecting the constituency, Charlery said he is not prepared to make any promises he can’t keep.

Charlery is confident that the SLP will perform well at the next general elections.


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  1. I watch this guy charlery last evening and am really disappointed if that's what we bring as presentation forget about it he is just and ordinary man looking for a job.St Lucians are more intelligent than that don't think you guys can fool us anymore kenny you are the worst thing that has happen to St lucia.


  2. i am yet to see a blue donkey


  3. Hi all;
    If is one thing I learnt from Sir John as a child is, our adversaries are not our enemies. Reading some of these comments have me wondering if we are all St. Lucians living in St. Lucia. All this animosity and hatred will take us no where. We at UWP CN Branch refuse to participate in this tribal politics, it has caused sufficient damage. Its a contest. John Charlery will never ever beat King but let us not disrespect each other whilst saying so. John, I look forward to this fight but I more so look forward to you joining us after at the UWP Castries North Constituency Office, after a sound whipping that is, to welcome you and to offer you an olive branch to join us in planning ahead for the constituency. As a resident, we know that you must have something to contribute. So hope to meet you then, chap.


  4. what is the meaning of this SLP!! who is mate!


  5. Even if you win, it will only prove that there is a majority group of backward people in your constituency. And that's all, my friend. No ifs, no buts, and no maybes. Babies? Yes. Lots of baby babble.


  6. Where did they get this COW BOY from ??????????????????????????????



  7. In ad much ad king is playing the fool. You are a mad man. Then again you are a wana be politician on a slp ticket.


  8. It is really disheartening to see that despite the rate of change taking place around the world, Saint Lucian are stuck in a state of idiocy. The only suitable candidates for representation are those who were born in that area. If that person has no world view or is not sophisticated enough to present real alternatives other than mono-crop agriculture or basic self-sufficiency, then the area remains undeveloped.

    The current leaders believe that tourism is the true destiny of all the people of this county. This is reflected in the quality of change by past and present ministers of education. The last ones have had a focus on repairs and school places, the human equivalent hog pens for fattening. As they come of age, they are released on the job market that has nothing to offer but roadside bush clearing and triming, and low-paying jobs as hotel maids and bell hops.

    The naffins and morons being paraded before us as candidates are just good enough to repeat ad nauseam, 'Mr. Speaker' when they go to the capital. What follows is mostly gibberish and puerile garbage. There is absolutely nothing that they say, that has the importance and impact that can take this country forward. They have nothing to offer in this regard. Sad. I feel for the young ones. Their elders continue to set them up for failure.


  9. Why do these politicians think that all the youth need are playing fields and multi_purpose courts? The youth also need skills training, jobs and housing. Let me remind Charlery that according to the SLP, the maximum age for youth classification is 40 years old. Quite number of youth have kids and family to support.


    • SLPs are just plain jokers. They are such simpletons looking for job on easy street that are too dumb to be aware that they re not making any sense at all. Youth play games. These retards believe that young people only need a place to play games. They see themselves as young people when there was nothing other than bananas to cut.

      SLP from top to bottom just does not get it. They therefore, from head to toe just shoot shate all over their faces. Quite obviously the entire bunch have no solutions to our problems. They just want to get power and to repeat that the last government did not do anything. Now that they have done the same darn thing they want another five years to tell us that the UWP did not do anything for five years they were in power. This is a blasted joke.


  10. After accepting the nomination it's only then you and your team are checking into the people's needs. Isn't that putting the cart before the horse. You guys are SICK.


  11. Who is this man, what has he done, what are his qualifications, what is his standing with the people, with the law....

    It would be nice if you guys could answer these questions....


  12. Say it like it is

    King will have you for breakfast, lunch and dinner. All of you SLP candidates are saying that you will not make promises that you can't keep. Is it because you realize that better days has not keep its promises? You have promised to do well and to prove everyone wrong on the day of elections. Well guess what. You just made a promise that you can't keep.


  13. Keep on dreaming. Sweet dreams it will NEVER happen.


  14. Who the hell cares It's a dead party anyways, no one is gonna vote for you clowns.


  15. In your mouth charlery




  17. Good Luck to you,and please do not let KDA fool you about making promises you can't keep as he has done so throughout his political career,Plus you will never be a successful politician if you do not lie and make false promises.


    • He does not have the brains other than that of a crash dummy to repeat real unadulterated SLP crap, like better days.


  18. Who is John Chalery?


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