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I will not get into a ‘war of words’ with Jadia: Francisco Jn Pierre

By SNO Staff

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Francisco Jn Pierre

Francisco Jn Pierre

United Workers Party (UWP) candidate for Laborie, Francisco Jn Pierre, seems least bothered by the comments made about him at a Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) rally on Sunday by his daughter.

Senior Jn Pierre told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that while he has listened to the words uttered by Communications Director of the SLP, Jadia Jn Pierre-Emmanuel, he will not be distracted by it.

“I’m not too particular in getting into any ‘war of words’ with Jadia. I mean, whatever I have said before it’s true and I don’t really want to go into any battle,” he explained.

The UWP candidate said while persons are of the view that she should not have attacked him, senior Jn Pierre said he is fully aware that she is doing the work of the SLP.

“That is politics and it’s her opinion. I will not get into what she is saying. It’s everybody’s right to think or feel how they want. I am not going to get into a to and fro,” he asserted.

Senior Jn Pierre said he will remain focused on the issues affecting the people of Laborie and by extension all Saint Lucians, and will work hard to ensure that he is afforded the opportunity to represent them.

Jadia had said that if she was voting in Laborie, she would rather support the incumbent Member of Parliament (MP) Alva Baptiste, over her father.

She also stated that she hopes that the UWP is taught a lesson and that her father loses in Laborie.

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  1. Did anyone see when Senior Jn Pierre remained silent when Chas attacked his daughter on the platform about her medical issues??.... This was so wrong and sad

  2. Shows class, integrity, remain focused on the relevant issues Mr. Jn. Pierre. For too long UWP supporters in Laborie have been afraid to speak out. It is like SLP supporters are the only ones who have rights and can say whatever they please. Remain humble, no matter what say nothing negative about Jadia. After all, you cared for her from conception and deep down still love her.

    Hopefully, she will come to her senses before it is too late. Pray for her.

  3. I will vote for Mr. Jn Pierre this time around. Jadia please fix the Augier road cause it seems you have nothing better to do.

  4. Shame , Shame on you Jadia. is that the example you want to set for your children and young people of this nation.

  5. Mr In Pierre the word of God is always true. Men rather darkness more than light it's a fact. Jadia your daughter goes to Church of God I thought it was to served God. That was what I saw of her but this is not being wise. The word of god is very clear God sees the inner part of men most men are looking for attention.

  6. the labour party is famous for destroying families

  7. Matthew Alexander

    In a population there are both good and bad people, both of which are manifested in those comments. The good ones cannot possibly understand that a father ould allegedly be delinquent to the extent of not caring for his daughter at the most vulnerable times of her life, which could lead to perpetual hatered.

    On the other hand, there are those people who know exactly why this resentment exist between Jadia and her biological father, but refuse to admit because it will challenge their politics and the other reason is because they have been guilty of similar nastiness if not worse.

  8. The mister, ignore the child. Focus on your work. Kenny like Jadia is a drama queen. They love drama. They both need to be on a Jerry springer show not in our politics. I have never seen ST.lucians behave like wild beast on national TV. SHAMeless.

  9. The silly season is here. Weh politicians distracting the people from the real issues as usual.

  10. The Commentator

    The Jn Pierre family will be the winner regardless of which political party wins the Elections as the family (father and daughter) has one foot in each party.

  11. I hope Francisco's response to Jadia's rants on de political platform teaches her that she has a father who cares for her no matter what she may think of him and politics is no place to vent your frustrations of a family member.

  12. dem female politicians need love thats why they always so angry...make time for some loving ladies 🙂

  13. not her fault she has to say what kenny tells her to. the girl is so annoying n ignorant when it comes to politics i cant stand listening to her. but if u got to bring ur dad down for ur bread n butter so be it.

  14. jadia cool out daddy will put you on time out lol

  15. PIMUHN:
    Sir, you have said something which should have been said
    FOR THEM"......
    now that's deep and that too is wisdom. They have in the past
    succeeded in that, but I think by and large most people are fed up.
    common, show some class, stop taking people for fools, enough
    is enough with that racist, black/white politics, we are one people.

  16. Giid sbis your class mr. Jn Pierre and that of your party.

    Your daughter is likely giddy and immature with politics. When she matures some more she will realize her nonsense.

  17. Jadia is just another trash talker - that's all. Shows her depth. Her husband had better take note

    • u don't know the ppl background so shut ur nose

      • Definitely a trash talker. Thinks she is everything and everybody is irrelevant. People are dying from lack of healthcare and the PM gives this WEALTHY woman money that could have been given to an unemployed DYING sick person.SHAME
        . A sociopath with little regard for others. Blinded by power and delusional about her own attributes. The ultimate Jezebel. Flair suh lordare. The father said he entered politics because his friends were victimized and I believe him. You cannot open your mouth in St.Lucia before the threats from SLP start. I visited SLAP on Facebook and I was amazed by the hatred, repugnance and narcissism. This country needs prayers to release it from the grip of this terrible red plague.

  18. Classy man. Historically delinquent daughter with misplaced loyalty.

  19. To each his own. Cheers to Jadia for standing up for what she believes. Actually, her father placed her in this predicament, where she had to pick sides. A spirit of independence is at play. They will remain bounded blood no matter what we think.

  20. Even if Jadia said she is going to vote for Alva instead of her father. Thats words. We don't know where she will put her "X" behind the ballot box. Families bend and never break. So I don't see any reason for a conflict because he is still her father at the end of the day and hence the reason he chose not to answer her

  21. No matter how big we think we are all of us can only vote once on election day one time one time and to that little girl you to hot just chill a bit and be more humble

  22. Every body have a right to support eny party they want I find this young lady is disrespectful to her father .Like her father is her child he is a grown man and he have a right to choose eny party he wants .my husband and I vote for different party and we respect that.

  23. This is how it is supposed to be be. Tackle issues and not people. Mr Jn.pierre is showing real maturity in this current campaign. Other politicians/candidates need to take a page from his book. Jadia knows better but has chosen to do otherwise to her i say TIME WILL TELL. Bravo to you Daddy.

  24. This politics game is so nasty and filthy,what really causes this? POWER....FAME....MONEY....NOTORIETY...POPULARITY...someone need to have such GREED to set morals and values aside to seek up upon such evilous behaviors. Whoa beyond to those who are into this for personal gains....clearly this is the case in here.....

  25. Comrade even if i was voting slp I would switch to vote you. What words of wisdom and focus. Its not about SLP or UWP. Ita about the people of laborie. Jadia have a way of allegedly destroying families. Look what she did to charles last elections.

  26. Spot on Dad. Let the fools go out and bash her on social media. Hope they learn from your example that you have nothing to say. People take note stop fighting and name calling over politics!

  27. Now that's class.... Stay focused sir

  28. very classy and mature mr jn pierre....laborians take note of this representative!!

  29. Ok ppl they are playing highty tighty to announce the calling of elections.....let's play a game on here.....I know alot of us are fed up with the SLP and how much they effects affected every unfortunate household for the we decide to call a pre election rite on this commentary keep in mind Ive never voted before and trust me I have had the chance to vote at least 5 times,this is the first time I get the courage to wanna make a difference becus I've clearly observerd the cruelty of the ruling.....S.a.L.o.P labour party.
    ALL THOSE IN FAVOR OF THE UWP WINNING....hit the like button....ALL THOSE IN FAVOR OF THE UWP LOSING hit the dislike there u have it lucians pre elections.

  30. In as much as I dislike labour party member Claudius francis,I commend n respect him for da way he has gone about business. He has 2 brothers on de opposite side,n not 4 once has he ever even mentioned der names on a political platform,well not that I've heard of,n Claudius is a man ov gr8 pespeakasity,who always speaks at da wrong times. But at de end ov da day,we must realize dat blood is thicker Dan de colours red or yellow. We all share different opinions n affiliations wen it comes to politics. I may not support my father,I will not vote 4 him,but da nation doesn't hv to know that.

  31. I agree with you 100% mr Jn Pierre remain focused on the issue at hand. Humility is the essence of a man.

  32. lucita jean pierre

    Well said.

  33. Dude, the 'Yellow Party' / UWP is destroying your family for political mischief.
    You have allowed your intelligence to be flushed down the sewer by the most unaccomplished, non infrastructural building party, the UWP.

    How can you even support or be around a group of thugs, posing as Politicians, hell-bent on removing VAT and plunge our country if FISCAL DISASTER and in the JAWS of the IMF?

    Man, WISE-UP!

    • But there was no VAT and the country was not in any fiscal disaster. Take the red out of your eyes. Yo pere

  34. Jadia sounds like my grandmother. She is SLP for life and would not talk to you if you oppose her. It is sad because they are naïve and fail to realise the flaws in such a commitment. Kind of like the slavery mentality that we are claiming that we do not embrace.

  35. That is the spirit! Dont be distracted by the noise coming from the slp. Your daughter need to realise that family comes first and should not discuss you at all.

    • @ tired: I was thinking the same thing too. Should there not be a line that should never be crossed? Does political affliction trump DNA? Also in my opinion if she can so easily diminish the ability of her father so be an effective MP does that not speak of the nature of the party she is representing? In my humble opinion this on backfired.

  36. That's right. .. Show dignity and class... It's not about either you or your daughter... It's about the people of the constituency and their needs... Defamation is always the aim and goal of the SLP... The people are always an afterthought for them... Show true maturity and don't get sidetracked... Barking dogs don't bite...


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