I will not be intimidated by recent threat, says ‘Juke Bois’

I will not be intimidated by recent threat, says ‘Juke Bois’
Sam “Juke Bois” Flood
Sam “Juke Bois” Flood
Sam “Juke Bois” Flood

Popular radio personality, Sam “Juke Bois” Flood, was recently threatened by an unknown individual who called in to a live radio programme he hosted on Caribbean HOT FM.

Flood confirmed with St. Lucia News Online (SNO) on Wednesday that the incident occurred on Tuesday evening around 7:21 p.m.

He said the male caller told him, “I’m going to block you on the road” and he immediately disconnected the call.

The radio journalist said this is the first time he has ever been threatened by someone on air.

Flood told SNO that he is convinced that it was politically motivated, stating “they probably having their cronies to call and try to intimidate media workers who are influential in society.”

“I will not allow myself to be intimidated by nobody,” he asserted.

Flood said he has not made a report with the police and doesn’t intend to do so, because nothing seems to come out from the so-called investigations, as it relates to media workers being threatened.

Just last week, veteran journalist, Rick Wayne, was threatened on live television. Wayne was at the time hosting his weekly programme ‘Talk’ on DBS on Thursday, April 28.

The caller reportedly told Wayne that he is a “bad boy”, who has guns, urging the talk show host and newspaper publisher to desist from speaking in the way that he does.

That matter caught the attention of the police and is currently being investigated.


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  1. Juke Bois is a staple of the older community. My parents listen to his show regularly every morning. For some of the older generation who's command of English in not so good, his is the only voice giving them a handle on the workings of government that they can make an informed decision.

    The man call himself Juke Bois and to me Juke Bois is is his name!!




    • All journalist; all bus drivers; all business owners. Who else. Why not just hand everyone a weapon


  3. Are we for real? You should read up a bit about Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly if you think it's just in Saint Lucia that people speak their minds about government.
    You should also check out the French media houses.
    I know some would love the media rights to like that of Cuba, China and North Korea...


  4. This is not the first time that radio hosts has had a few unsavoury words thrown at them on live programmes. Some of these hosts have had it coming for a while now and they were aware of it.When you throw stones you must expect to have stones thrown back at you. While I will not excuse this type of behaviour but by the same token radio and TV hosts need to realise that they need to be held responsible for their and their callers choice of words on air. I have listened to this man's 'Tell it like it is' radio show on a Tuesday and the rhetoric that is being allowed to spew out is unbelievable. One time someone called threatening to "Do" the prime minister and the host said nothing nor did he try to take some action to prevent this caller from calling his show after allegedly issuing death threats to the PM.

    I have realised that there is an anti-government agenda being employed as most callers are allowed to say anything that is critical of this current administration. There is a particular man from Laborie who has nothing good to say about the prime minister and his regime. He goes on and on about the prime minister and has nothing good to say about him.He makes the job of the PM seem like a poisoned chalice. He is so vengeful and expresses very little remorse for our head of state (NB: The PM IS NOT THE HEAD OF STATE. THE GOVERNOR GENERAL IS.)

    There is also a woman from the Babonneau community rattling on about her MP and nothing is being said or done to carpet this lady for some of the things that come out of her mouth. The Man from Laborie is allowed to say whatever he likes and has never been pulled up about it. These are just some of the examples of the wretchedness that is allowed to rear it's ugly voice on this radio programme.

    Ninety-nine percent of callers are anti-government and the host simply lets them fire away. The only two decent callers in my opinion whose sapient words mean anything are the lady from Choiseul called Luviscar and a gentleman called Edoe. They are the only two folks whose words offer some sort of encouragement and enlightenment to the listeners like me. I enjoy listening to their wise words.

    Some radio hosts love to play the victim card. They love to be seen as the victim even after saying so much which piques them as anything but a victim. I don't see anything threatening in the words "I will block you". If someone is going to block me on the road I will simply use another route to get to my house. It's as simple as that. If he feels he is unable to handle what was said all he has to do is to refer the matter to the police. That's all.

    He is a well-known announcer/Journalist and the police will no doubt offer him some assistance. There is no need to make a mountain out of a molehill about this. It is petty and trivial. No one will harm Juke Bois.

    As for this other propagandist with muscles minus brains at times, we need to take everything he says with a pinch of salt. This man has for many years been hammering everybody who is anybody in the state of St Lucia and no one is brave enough to stand up to him. He is trying to make out that he is a victim. HE IS NO VICTIM. The many years of steroid abuse have done little to reassure him of his blown up "greatness" and so he lashes out at every available opportunity. Both of these men are opportunists who are using their fifteen minutes to milk it for all it's worth. This is a publicity stunt which is geared towards giving much-needed oxygen to two cowards who are not willing to stand in their corner and to fight for what they believe in. No one will harm Juke Bois Or Reek Wayne. These two lotharios need to simply get on with what they do best -Spreading propaganda.


    • @ Canaries London.........You may be in London but the Canaries is still oozing from your pores ha ha pea brains.


      • Yes, I am British born and bred and hail from Canaries St Lucia, where my family comes from. I am oozing coolness as I am enjoying the splendid weather in London right now. It is just right.Not so hot and not so cold. It's just cool. Only someone with a small brain like you will refer to someone they do not know as having a pea brain. Maybe you should look closer to home and you will find that your brain is missing all the functions of a sane and able person. The many people who have concurred with you are in the same boat as you. (The likes) You lot have nothing to contribute to society. Go make use of your time and stop wasting your energy on me. Boo Hoo...


    • I can't care-less about this "Talk-show host" along with his pseudo journalistic skills. (because he isn't either.)
      It's sad to see "WHO" and "WHAT passes for journalism here.

      Most want to seek immunity to say whatever they want (even if it is false and void of fact) and affects the Subject to whom they are referring too.
      They don't want to be accountable for the actions.
      When taken to task, they "ROLL OVER" and pull the "Media is under attack" card.

      It was of NO surprise to me when Our Island was Ranked #1 in the Caribbean for Press Freedom.

      Name me one country in the Caribbean where talk-show host (including callers) can have hours of air-time, bashing the Prime Minister of their respective island with all the graces of Immunity, only afforded to Diplomats?
      Only in St. Lucia!


    • u are not british born. just an SLP hack. why cant the laborie man complain about the PM. if he was doing his job as he should maybe the complaints would be much less. as for babaoneau, alvina reynolds is near illiterate and filled with all sorta tricks, just check the reports coming out of that constituency lately. so why shouldnt the woman complain?


      • What do you have against People who are born and bred in the UK? You are one jealous twat and you know it. I can assure you that I am non-partisan and non-political as well. I am neither an SLP nor UWP supporter and I am most certainly not a hack. I am more inclined to support any party in power whether that be the UWP or SLP or LPM.
        You have no right referring to the Right Hon. MP as being near illiterate. Who are you to berate the Honourable lady who is working hard to serve her people? The man from Laborie is morally offensive and divisive. Most times he speaks out of his cakehole and so does the other offensive woman from the Babonneau area. They are peas from the same pod and cut from the same cloth.

        I can see that you have a problem with people who were born in England like me. You don't want to believe that myself and 3 million other blacks were born in Britain. It's cause you are jealous and cannot fathom the idea of me being British. You need to get a life mate and stop being insecure. You should also stop defending motor-mouths like these empty vessels from Laborie and Babonneau respectively. I was born and bred in Paddington,London to parents from Canaries St Lucia - Canarwee. I have been to St Lucia many times and enjoy visiting our splendid isle.You carry on thinking what you want to think but I know what I know and I am who I am and I do not have to justify myself to you or anyone else on this blog. Get A life, You really need one.


  5. De shit dem man trying not touching nobody. Sam flood get a life politically motivated my a.....


  6. I will not even entertain that convo juke bios u always drunk no one have to road block you. Don't look for popularity dunk head . You need to stop drinking too much alcohol and gain back your respect


  7. As much as this should taken seriously I believe this is someone playing games with the media trying to get attention, I don't think it politically motivated,y he person is only trying to make it seems that way so he can get attention


  8. Labour is getting desperate because FLAMBOU is getting under their skins. Every time that happens, I remember Sir. John's words


  9. Only in St.Lucia. Now when people take the law in their own hands, every dog will cry mercy.


  10. They want to kill the messengers, so how are they going to know the truth about everything affecting the island politically, financially, educational matters, taxes health care every ill happening now on the island. They better leave juke Bois alone.
    Because he is the only one that can say it like it is,
    I need my creole news. I leave in New York USA
    So please stop disrespecting our journalists dam idiots. Ignoring this plea will be a bad idea


  11. Juke Bois........Kudos to you please do not worry to report that lunatic to the police for they all work in cahoots. I believe in you. I know you can take care of yourself the caller better call you and say he's sorry.


  12. Stupid people threatening the media for doing their jobs.
    No body denouncing it, but they always fast to write a PR when they "shock and appalled".
    Two journalists receiving threats for speaking out...

    That's exactly why I was for operation restore confidence. Them fellas killing endless people....even people children get caught in that already.


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