“I will never forget” — Jamaican woman recounts her experience with obeah

“I will never forget” — Jamaican woman recounts her experience with obeah

(JAMAICA STAR) — Many people believe that there is no such thing as obeah, but for 54-year-old Sharon, a vendor in downtown Kingston, she knows that it is real.

Sharon said that someone cast a spell on her when she was in her early 20s.

“Mi and this woman daughter did a fight, and she stab me, and me stab her back. Dem time deh, mi did a work dung the road as a vendor, and the woman seh to me that if she can’t catch me one way, she a guh catch me another way,” she said.

“Two months after she seh that to me, me get really sick, and sore start bruk out pan me body. Mi go to skin specialist and them give me medication, but nothing was working. Instead of getting better, it got worse,” Sharon said.

She told THE WEEKEND STAR that she went to bed one night and saw her dead brother in a dream. Sharon said that he told her that he was going to take her to a place where she could get healing.

“It was like me a dead slowly. Mi go a wah Revival church, and the pastor a seh to me he saw three spirits walk in with me; one of them a protect me and the other two a try kill me. The next day, him and him mada, fada and breda come fi help him. Mi see dem wid broom and lass, and him light the broom, and him and him mada a walk round me wid the broom, and him breda and father a do a sword fight over me wid the cutlass, and him a talk inna some language weh mi nuh know. After a while, mi hear him seh, ‘Dem spirit yah bad, but them affi surrender,'” Sharon recounted.

Sharon said that after that ritual was complete, the pastor consecrated some olive oil and some water and gave them to her. She had to visit the pastor daily for special baths.

“I will never forget that man because a prayer and fasting mek mi come back to. All a mi body did sore up, and see it deh, mi skin clean yah now,” she said.


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  1. that is a testament to show you that there is a God and a devil so from now on you should your trust in the lord. is not just so theses things does happen and people will say there is no God no devil. if there is evil which what the woman did to you then there is a devil, the pastor prayed for you and heal you then that is good so there is a God.


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