“I will be somewhere in the fray” – Castries Central MP on next general elections

“I will be somewhere in the fray” – Castries Central MP on next general elections
Castries Central MP Richard Frederick.
Castries Central MP Richard Frederick.
Castries Central MP Richard Frederick.

Incumbent Member of Parliament (MP) for Castries Central Richard Frederick said he has not made a decision yet on whether to contest as an independent candidate at the next elections.

“I know not the finality of that decision. It is still in the making. What I can say that has been ascertained is…I will be somewhere in the fray to influence votes, because I want the best for my country and I want the best team to lead this country amidst this difficult time,” he told a media conference today (Dec.9).

Asked to comment on the announcement made the United Workers Party (UWP) that former Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) member Peterson Francis will be contesting that seat at the next elections, Frederick said the constituents will decide whether they give Peterson a chance or not.

“I can speak about my ability. I can speak about my track record. Peterson Francis does not have a political track record so to speak by which I can judge him, so his candidacy as a newcomer, let’s see what unfolds if he assumes political office,” the former UWP member added.

Questioned as to whether he plans to support Francis, Frederick said he will not support anyone who falls under the leadership of Allen Chastanet.

“Allen Chastanet spells disaster for this country,” he said.

The UWP National Council on August 17, 2014 had voted to expel Frederick. This was a unanimous decision taken, where out of the 45 votes, 40 members voted to have Frederick expelled.

The MP was elected to the Castries Central constituency as an independent member of parliament, having won the by-election held on March 13, 2006. He was later endorsed by the UWP and was re-elected for the UWP in the general election of December 11, 2006.

He was selected in 2006 to serve as Minister for Housing, Urban Renewal and Local Government in the government of Prime Minister John Compton.

Following Compton’s death in September 2007 and Stephenson King as prime minister, Frederick’s portfolio was then expanded to include Urban Renewal and Local Government.

Frederick ran for deputy leader of the UWP in 2008 but lost that battle. He was later forced to resign as cabinet minister in September 2011. His U.S. visa was also revoked.

He won his seat back for Castries Central during the 2011 General Elections.


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  1. looool....too much POLITICAL DRAMA!!!! Richard m sure u not broke....if I were you ad pension early and leave these drama to power hungry ppl...focus on ur happiness , health and family


  2. There are storm clouds on the horizon for the Don. Two Western foreign governments are very interested as is a foreign police force. A group of hoteliers at the northern tip, with a lot of money in the bank, are pursuing this ruthlessly..... Just listen to them speak in their little elitist group and when alcohol looses their privileged lips. KDA knows what is going on but chooses to shield the Don because he thinks he can use him to try to destroy Allen. Politics is truly a dirty and self serving business.


  3. Federico needs to take a break and to leave spider alone too. Sad to say, he has brain washed spider. Spider needs to move on and accept the Frederick will never be part of UWP again


    • I don't get Spider. He is an articulate and intelligent man. When he lost in 2011 he made it clear that Richard had cost him his seat. Why is he backtracking on that opinion now? He should be calmly pushing his way back up the hierarchy of the party despite his personal preferences.


  4. Frederick is not able to articulate the issue; he has become the issue. He has portrayed himself as a larger than life politician and not a public servant. If he had any integrity he would step aside.


  5. It would be more correct for Frederick to say he would be attempting to influence votes. For now, all he can do is try. I am not convinced that he will succeed. The people have now seen through him.


  6. You people need to shut up no matter how much y'all try he will always be rich and happy n y'all will always be broke !!!!!! Everybody has a right to their opinion Richard speak and continue to speak whenever you want! Cause you people will continue to read and give him attention whether it be negative or positive! You'll always be my Mp


  7. 1.You will NOT support any one who runs for uwp under Chastanet as leader,
    2. you will NOT support S. Felix as the two of you go way back with that feud of when he worked for you
    3. you have NOT decided if you will run as an independent.
    4. BUT you will be somewhere in the FRAY to influence the votes ......Frederick really????
    NOT a damn thing you can do about jack!!!


  8. WOW! and where have you been??? After winning in 2011, you closed down your constituency office and blamed the constituents for almost losing especially those who were very close to you. I voted for you, I ask you not to neglect us and come to the yard, what did you tell me...(that politics thing i eh in dat again)....You chase your die-hard supporters and treated them like crap after all what they did for you. You forget Miss Jocelyn?? and what you did her??and the list goes on! The heart you have richard....Remember Karma! Everyone has turned against you. Even after giving Angel so many contracts during your time, she is the one still benefiting when kenny give you contracts. Up to date he can't publish the CCC report on you.....
    I can bet my $3000.00 savings that you will not get 500 votes if you run. Just try it! I dare you!
    You a waste of a prospective Prime Minister. SMFH




  10. What have you done for us in the last 4 years? When last have you bisited the old CDC and know what we go through? Peterson and the Francis family have always been on the ground. Peterson have always been one of us. Frederick have too much roro around him. Centeral Castries.....Peterson all the way!


  11. I will always support a BORN SAINT LUCIAN.
    And Frederick, i will always SUPPORT YOU, SIR.


  12. You are working something out with Kenny if Felix run you run because you don't want him to win also so you are trying to get him kick out


  13. Frederick good bye to you in Central Castries. Where have you been since you won that seat? From a member of parliament you have become a contractor, so stay in that field. We all know what your motive is, you now want to split votes, but that will not happen. I thought you would have been in the 4th party.


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