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“I was selling marijuana at the age of 16”


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slide1PRESS RELEASE – This story is different from many stories we hear of youths that turn out bad because of lack of opportunities; in my case was different.

I grew up in a house where my mother always gave me the best. I never lacked food or clothing.

At the age of 16 I started selling marijuana and I had my own plantation. I was addicted to cigarettes until someone introduced me to marijuana. It all started because of the influence of friends, they were doing it and told me if I started doing it as well I could have a lot of money.

I was a quiet boy and didn’t get into trouble or break people’s house. I never showed bad behaviour to people because I never wanted others to know my business. I kept trying to smile and be friendly to them and they never suspected anything.

I was disobedient at school. Because of the money I had, women were always around me. I didn’t love them. I was just using them. I had friends just because of the money, but once it finished the friends were gone and disappointment was always there.

Money was coming into my hands, but was going away like water into the drain. I knew that the money I had wasn’t blessed. I wanted to change my life, but I did not know how. I was young and lost in my own desire, that in the end was taking me nowhere.

When I was 17 I wanted to kill people. They use to threaten me and I was fearful for my life. I tried to buy a gun. I was living a crazy life. Even though I grew up learning what was right I end up doing the wrong, and all of this just because of bad influences.

Inside of me I had a great desire for change. One day I heard about the YPG (Youth Power Group).

I came to their meetings and I found young people just like me. Each one of them had a different past but they overcame and I wanted to overcome mine as well. They spoke to me and helped me.

I gave up selling marijuana, I stop being a womaniser, I quit drinking and today I’m married and I have a job. I have joy, peace and the presence of God.

– Kerry Barthelmy

N.B: The YPG is a non-profitable organization with the aim of changing young people`s life. The youths from the YPG have a lot to say when it comes to pain. Truth and reality unfolds in our meetings, made by young people to young people. Every week, different topics that will open your eyes to the truth and help you direct your life on the right path.

The destination of your life is in your hands!

If you want to know more about the YPG, contact us on:

YPG HELP LINE: 724-8130 / 724-8041

YPG Whatsapp: 717-0311

Saint Lucian’s biggest youth network, offering a range of activities and practical advice to help young people become successful adults.

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  1. What a testimony, to God be the glory great things he have done. Young man i am so proud of you as a mother,grandmother, sister, aunt and daughter. I love the fact that you took the steps to change your ways and that speaks volume. We all can change our circumstances if we are willing to let go of things that can destroy our lives
    Lords blessings on you and family. Great step forward indeed

  2. This is simply the Universal Church -"YPG"
    Its accepting the truth of Jesus Christ and repenting that truly brings salvation not doing prayer rituals or seeking (promises) of financial blessings.

  3. With God all things are possible. Stay blessed

  4. Young keep praying , the devil is a liar. Oh bless your soul . God be with you . I pray that you never go down that road anymore . Amen.

  5. Respect .......

  6. Thank GOD you got out of it alive! Best wishes!

  7. Very strong testimony...


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