“I should be dead” – A YPG story

“I should be dead” – A YPG story

My name is Daniel Junior. At the age of 13, I got involved with drugs and crime. I also hung out with a certain group of people that had a negative influence on me. At age 14, I was already committing robberies. From then on things just got worse.

When I was 15, doctors found a problem in my brain, but they weren’t able to explain what it was. I did two surgeries and remained hospitalised for 3 months, but nothing seemed to solve the problem.

My mother already knew about the work of the YPG (Youth Power Group), so she sought God for my healing, and the problem disappeared. But, after I left the hospital, I returned to crime, except now things were worse than before.

I dove headfirst into a life of crime and did a lot of bad things. However, I was not happy, I did not have peace, and I could not sleep at nights. Sometimes, I thought, “Why am I still alive?” I had come close to death so many times, and I always promised to change, but I never did. I didn’t know why I was still alive.

This is when I found the YPG (Youth Power Group) and decided to do what is right. A short time later, I was baptized in water, assumed a commitment to God and truly surrendered my life on the Altar! I was baptized with the Holy Spirit and my life was completely transformed. I have peace! Now I help other youths find what I found.

I am a member of the Youth Group, and since I found Jesus, an enormous desire to help youths was born within me, so I want to bring now more youths to the same life of peace I have today. God is great!

– Daniel Junior

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  1. I always rejoice in stories like Daniel Junior's and hope that more young people will find Jesus. When I lived in St Lucia not very long ago the Crime was a lot less and I could leave my windows and doors open during the day. My first home was broken into when I slept out one night and after I moved to a new home I had no further problems.


  2. They should arrest all of y'all for all the crimes y'all have committed against innocent people. SMH! You finding God doesn't make it right.


    • Thanks for a good laugh.......I am cracking up as I'm typing my comment you are hilarious I couldn't agree with you more.


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