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Saint Lucia Carnival organisers say nudity and lewd behaviour unacceptable

By St. Lucia News Online

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Organisers of Saint Lucia Carnival 2019 have declared the event a resounding success by the large turnout of people, particularly in the final two days of the Parade of Bands. However, they expressed concern that the rampant nudity and lewd behaviour have put a damper on this success.

Chairperson of Events Company of St. Lucia Inc (ECSL) Agnes Francis told reporters on Wednesday that this type of behaviour is unacceptable and something must be done about it.

“I saw about two or three kids watching when a guy’s face was in a lady’s bum,” she noted. “I am sorry but that’s what I saw, and I had to turn them away.”

“This is not what our carnival is about. I don’t mind the merriment, I don’t mind adult behaviour but when you have spectators who are not able to view the event, not able to take the children to view the event, there is something that we have to do. We just can’t put our hands up and say this is the way of the world, this is the way it’s going,” she explained.

Francis said she is not being “prude” but standards must be set.

“I am a not prude but I think that we have a responsibility as adults to ensure that the carnival product is at a palatable level for children to at least spectate and view,” she noted.

According to St. Lucia’s Criminal Code, a person who willingly and indecently exposes his or her genitals to the public or within view of public or any place within intent to insult is liable to a fine of $1,000, HTS reported.

Francis said she is concerned about the breaking of the laws of St. Lucia.

“I have no moral authority to make any decision on how people dress, how people behave. What I am concerned about is the breaking of the laws of St. Lucia and the police having a responsibility to do their duties. There was nudity during carnival and this is not acceptable,” she said.

She said the police, as well as her team, did the best they could regarding enforcing the laws. She hopes that the lessons learned this year can be applied to next year’s carnival.

“I think that the police are doing the best they can given the circumstances,” she said.

She added: “Carnival this year was just so big…. We were unaware of the extent and magnitude of it. Although we planned for it, I think that this size — and that’s part of the issue. The registration does not tell you the number of revelers in a band. There’s just not enough information in order to make proper management decisions. So, we were aware that [there was] going to be 14 bands but the size of this band versus that band was not available to Events [St. Lucia] or to the police so that they would know ‘ok we need to have x, y and z in place.”

There have been mixed reviews from St. Lucians on social media about the nudity. Some say that’s what Carnival is about, but others say persons have taken it too far.

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  1. What is carnival compared to this lgbt parade that they want to keep here on this island. This will b more demoralizing than what I saw on the countless videos circulating on all the filth that was happening on the streets. So call Lucian's have been demonized by what they see on TV. All wanna b like a wanna be TV star. The children had to witness nakedness n all manners of odd behavior then what do u think this lgbt parade will do to them? Why bring Sodom n Gomorrah to your door step in full bloom n condemn carnival??? They are the same only difference is one promotes same sex relationships which is far more degrading n offsetting. Our children nor our island should host such filth. So for all those who could not handle the nakedness n animalistic behavior of the revealers downed on alcohol n other substances let's see what u think when filth walks in your street promoting same sex so call love. Lucian's be honest with yourselves..U love watching filth..It makes good conversation n social media likes. Save your land n your children n put aside talking n show the public we do care by standing up for what is right..

  2. "According to St. Lucia’s Criminal Code, a person who willingly and indecently exposes his or her genitals to the public or within view of public or any place within intent to insult is liable to a fine of $1,000, HTS reported."

    Looks like I was watching a different carnival. I saw persons 90% nude in some cases but did not see any exposing his or her genitals. All they did was push the law to its limit and this is not an offence the last time I checked. I did not see a Virginia nor a penis exposed on the street.

    So my people if the law was not broken then what happened. I suspect it's a morality issue. If so, morality by whose standards? The so called church goers or the revelers. I think the revelers won on this occasion.

    For me personally, carnival has gone beyond me so I stay home. I used to e joy imagining what certain females look like in the nude, what lay beneath their clothing/ costumes and the thought of not knowing excited .e. but now they are all naked. This leaves nothing for my imagination so not exciting to me. That's why I say home. So you so called godly ones, if nudity is disturbing to your eyes don't watch and stay home.

  3. Hope he got something from there that he can never get rid of. That would be a great additional reward.

  4. Disgusting disgusting to the max class less animals. If I was their employer none of the would have a job to see all the young little whores selling their stink azz and cat to every and anyone what a dam shame even though it's carnival.Tell me how do you feel walking the streets after the party is over how do you go to work how do you all face the youths and elderly? Some of my sisters went too far as for the azz eater people should serve the idiot with plastic parer cups spoons knives and plates for the rest of his life mal pop sa ti.

  5. Concerned Lucian

    "We just can’t put our hands up and say this is the way of the world, this is the way it’s going,” she explained."

    Kudos Ms Francis, it is disappointing to hear people say the vulgar display is acceptable, and it is everywhere etc. We don't have to be followers we can lead. It is time we stand up as Lucians and be our own people.

    Carnival is definitely putting St. Lucia on the map but let us refine it to improve the experience.

  6. when they see mate in public they have to call him feegi caca cause bumum have to be on toilet and not on face. FAYAH

  7. honestly i dont see the point in complaining cause at the end of the day this is what you should expect from carnival. am not saying that this is right but when you see these things and the way women dress and have no respect for themselves and expect people to later have respect for them is totally ubsurb, not saying that because women dress a certain way they need to be disrespected but before you speak against it there are a group of people who want to tell you otherwise and find that people can do what they want.

    i believe people can do what they want but if something is not right people should have the right to speak about and against it. i honestly dont feel sorry for these three children who had to witness this disgusting act cause they way i see it if adults have to act like this in carnival which should be expected then carnival is no place for any child if you have to think of the things people do in carnival and for the two women that just had a thong alone with all their backsides out and this man sliding his tongue up the womans backside are totally disgusting. not even animals act like that

  8. I wonder how many of the indecent exposure were committed by foreigners. Seems like some women were eager to expose themselves even in the presence of minors. Arrests need to be made even after the fact.

  9. agnes you work and support a government work consistantly breaks the law and you eh saying shit.


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