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I ran away from home three times – A YPG story

By Stanley Stephen

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Growing up, my life was not an easy one. I thought of giving up on life many times. Sometimes at home my brothers and I had just bread and sweet water for the whole day.

I grew up without my father around and that was not easy for me. My mother and aunty were the ones taking care of us, providing food and things for school.

Many times I had nothing to eat at school and my principal and teachers had to feed me. My life was terrible and I thought I wouldn’t reach anywhere. Because of the lack of opportunities I started to have anger boiling up inside of me and thinking: “Why God allow me to born, to suffer?”

My mind was playing stories that didn’t exist, the hunger was driving me to be around bad friends, and there I learnt to smoke (not all the time) and drink, just to show I was a “man”. I felt like the bad boys were better than my mom so whenever she spoke to me, I would just answer her in a disrespectful way.

I ran away three times from home. The realistic situation I faced? No food, no father, and me trying to do my own things, in the way I want, and the list goes on. When my mother was asleep I used to sneak out of the house and walk everywhere around the town.

I was disobedient; I was reaching home late and refusing to do my house chores. That was my life. At home me and my brothers lived like dogs and cats — every day were arguments and fights between us over petty things. Once or twice we reached the point of drawing knives on each other. Our house was terrible and our lives were a disaster.

My mother told me about the YPG Saint Lucia and I came with her. At first I didn’t want to stay but after a while I started to like it. I started to play football with the boys and this made me open up myself and seek help. I had to leave my pride aside and I did.

Today I am totally changed. I don’t be around bad companies. I love and respect my mother and I get along well with my brothers. I learnt to be a real man. The youth Power Group showed me the right path. I got baptized in the water and with the Holy Spirit. Today I help other youth to be better in life. I am not ashamed to say “I love God” and “I love to be in the YPG Saint Lucia”.

— Stanley Stephen

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