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I need my boyfriend back


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Dear Willie: I have been with my boyfriend for four years and six months now. During this time I have done him wrong twice and he still stuck by me which I really do appreciate.

We argue a lot but still that doesn’t change our love for each other. In 2012, I found out that I was pregnant. At the same time, he left for a cruise line. Since his departure I have become very insecure. My mind has been in a whirlwind, thinking all sorts of stuff, but he is not that kind of person. He has never done me wrong.

My family members have always been pushing me to end our relationship but I seriously don’t want to. It’s as if I have wrapped myself around him and never want to let go. They say all sorts of stuff, like he is not caring for his son and I, but Willie, to be honest, he does the best that he can. His son means the world to him, he loves us both, and he has always said that.

Earlier in 2013, I became even more insecure. A few women have been leaving flirty messages on his pictures. I spoke to him about it and he said it’s nothing to worry about. He said ‘babes’,’hun’ and stuff like that are all smart names people use.

Willie, a few weeks ago my relationship went to the brink. I accused him of having other women and made the mistake of telling him I think he should move on. I have always been saying these words to him and he never left, he stayed. But now Willie, he took it very serious.

When I said I did not mean it, he asked why I am changing it now. I have tried everything to fix our relationship, to bring peace back for our son’s sake. He said that he is not happy with the situation and that he needs time to think. My family got what they wanted, which is us breaking up.

He said it’s not easy at all. He will be returning home in March this year.

Willie, the guy wanted to get married to me really bad. This is why we gave our son his last name. He was just waiting on me, but for some reason I did not feel ready but now I am willing to give it my all to make things right.

Willie, I need advice. I need my boyfriend of four years and six months back. He means everything to me.

Dear Miss: Seems like you had a very good man playing games with.

If I was in his position I would not take you back, not even for a million dollars. Why? Because you’re very insecure and you’ve admitted to have wronged him twice!

I could understand you if you missed him being away for so long, but having been the one who wronged him twice, he should be the insecure one, not you!

If you want him back, then express your feelings to him when he returns in March. However, do not push for marriage because I do not believe you’re ready as yet. You need to get over your trust issues.

Also, bear in mind, he is only returning for a short time, and he will be gone again. Can you deal with him being away again? It makes no sense each time he is away you become insecure again. SO think carefully if you believe this relationship is what you really need.

The good thing is, he is still taking care of his son. As for your family, that’s their problem. You should be old enough to know what you want and make your own decisions.

Good luck.


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  1. bitch please... let the man care for his child and leave him alone

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  6. He did what you asked him to ? .. And after you've cheated twice he stayed ..You must have something amazing .. But thats life .. sah feb .. Move on .. sa la v .. wait till he comes down to talk to him bout that .. Good luck (Y)

  7. I think she is very immature. I think she knows for a fact now that the man was/is seeing someone else and she is threatened by the other woman, so she now wants to make things work ar all costs. And probably now he working on the cruise ship making more money, now she wants him back..You need to focus on your son at this time and let them man have his space if thats what he asks for.

  8. HOEEEEE!!!

  9. Looose!

  10. It s all about u. U re cheated, u re insecure, u re family, u u n u. What about him. Take a second to think of him!! Don t u think u should love and suppoort him while he s away work instead of thinking of ur insecurity? Or how he feels of u not wanting to get married/ or the cheating? It s all about u!!

  11. I honestly would'nt take u back. You did me wrong twice and also asked me to move on. How am I to be sure that you havnt done me wrong again and thats the reason u asked me to move on? And all the names women call him it proves nun. Because at my work place the females call me all sort of sweet names. So u lost the moon whiles counting the stars. Hope your family find you comfort in your time of alleged heartbreak.

  12. Wow ! That woman really does not know what she wants. She said she is ready to marry the man. No she is not. She may have loved that guy but she probably did not like the fact that he could not do much more. Now he is sailing, making money, .going places, meeting WOMEN..many who know what they want she wants him. Well dear it was just a matter of time before the guy got.what he wanted. After cheating on the man twice you kept telling him to move on. The fact that he says let him tbink..girl you done dead

  13. I believe this person is immature and playing with the guy's feelings. You clearly cannot be trusted and a guy like that should not have to put up with your infidelity. Your bigger issue is that you have "a habit" of cheating. You want to be married when you"ve cheated twice in four years. SMH. Grow up and act like a woman.


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