“I have absolutely nothing to fear or to worry about” – Guy Joseph on US investigative report

“I have absolutely nothing to fear or to worry about” – Guy Joseph on US investigative report
Joseph said he 'baited' the opposition leader.
Joseph said he ‘baited’ the opposition leader.

Member for Castries South-east Guy Joseph has vowed to make the contents of a United States (US) investigative report on his alleged dealings with Asphalt and Mining (A&M) public as soon it is completed.

The US, according to former Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony, is conducting a probe into “certain financial transactions by the business.”

American forensic accountant Robert Lindquist is conducting that investigation.

Joseph has been constantly accused of nepotism and abuse of public office by the SLP in relation to his stint as minister of communications and works minister in the United Workers Party’s (UWP) previous term in office.

Fingers have been pointed at him for allegedly influencing the award of infrastructural project contracts in excess of $2.9 million to his brothers.

According to Dr. Anthony at an SLP public meeting last week, the SLP had written to the United States to allow the forensic accountant to investigate “certain accounts in other countries outside of our region”.

Joseph, in response, said that he awaits the contents of the investigation and will gladly reveal all its findings to the public because he is innocent.

“…I intend to make this document available on the internet. I intend to make it available in the public, to the public. It should be in the libraries. It should be everywhere so that people can read for themselves,” he said adding, “I want every investigation to come to its end. Because I know I have absolutely nothing to fear or to worry about.”

In reference to an interim report on the matter, Joseph said he deliberately “baited” the SLP during a recent parliament sitting to see how they would have reacted.

“I deliberately did not give the surname in parliament because I threw out a bait to see how the Labour Party would have reacted. And exactly as I expected the Leader of the Opposition Hon. Phillip J Pierre said, ‘the interim report you need to put it out and say what’s on it’ and I spoke across the table to him and I told him, ‘so you know there’s an interim report but you never spoke about it’.”

Joseph was adamant that he would reveal “every single thing that was done in relation to me, every record of my phone calls, every record of my emails and every single thing that they could have traced back to me” when the investigations are complete.

“…I intend to open every page that is available,” he added.


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  1. Noting to fear but fear itself...... LOL. Why would he fear anything? Can anyone name a St Lucian politician who ever went to jail for corruption? I rest my case your honor.


  2. We wait until the investigations are complete you can put it out now to help the process.

    You also said that the IMPACTS report should be made public now that you are in power its

    not. Also you said that the million dollar audit report would be made public and its being hidden.


  3. why doesn't the uwp do the same to the slp? a forensic acct would not be needed. the slp is too stupid to hide anything. st. jude would be a good place to start.


  4. I am not saying or implying that anybody is guilty or innocent, that's not my role. However, I have taken note of the differences in attitudes of both Members of Parliament who are allegedly involved in wrong-doing, Guy Joseph and Shawn Edwards, and they come from opposite parties.

    While Guy Joseph has accepted his criticisms and says he awaits the results of an investigation and added that he is confident that he did nothing wrong. On the other hand we have Shawn Edwards, though never accused of any alleged wrong-doing, was asked questions about a particular "account." The MOP went on the defensive to the point of contemplating legal action and even name calling (political hitmen/hitman).

    The comparism I have made to me exposes the arguments whether one MOP is either politically more experienced than the other or their dispositions are synonymous with the traditional posture/ values of their respective parties.


  5. Its like these Doctorates and masters degree dudes were given their qualifications. Guy joseph is light years ahead of these Jackasses! Even Kenny is disappointing. The moment he got any competition, he looses. Poor PIP, just waiting for the Axe to land!


  6. Chops KDA cheeeerah with your nonsense. Investigate yourself and your people first. I eh saying the guy is clean or dirty all I'm saying is there is enough dirt to go around. More of your usual dirty tactics and childlike tantrums. Disappear man with your BS.


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