“I had to sit there, laugh” – Political Pundit Denys Springer on statements made by Dr. Tennyson Joseph

“I had to sit there, laugh” – Political Pundit Denys Springer on statements made by Dr. Tennyson Joseph
Denys Springer
Denys Springer

Debate continues over statements made by Lecturer and Political Scientist Dr. Tennyson Joseph during a lecture organised by the University of the West Indies Open Campus in St. Vincent recently.

Dr. Joseph had opined against what he said was the rise of business politicians, pointing to United States President Donald Trump and St. Lucia’s Prime Minister Allen Chastanet as examples.

Chastanet has since responded by stating that while he believes that the lecturer has the right to an opinion, he is concerned that Dr. Joseph has written several “racist” articles and he is surprised that he has been allowed to continue to lecture at the university.

Political Pundit Denys Springer has disagreed with Dr. Joseph’s comments and called for evidence to support his claims.

“Well personally…when I heard the statement, I was a little bit perturbed and a little bit angry because if you tell me that you are the head of politics at Mona… When you bring that into the fray and talk about politicians who are business people… that they should not be leaders as such, of a country…what I need is the research that you have done… give me facts,” Springer told HTS News4orce.

“…I had to sit there, laugh. And then I’m hearing people like Ernest Hilaire who is supporting that, and others – other intellectuals in that sense of the word… saying that it was there for discussion. Discussion my foot!” he stated.

“You have no empirical evidence to say…that I have that [and evidence] proves that businessmen should not go into politics. So these people, as far as I’m concerned, they want to play like they’re intellectuals and academics and things of that sort but let us play it right, let us play it straight. This was not a lecture that had anything to do with an intellectual level or anything like that. It has to do with a defamation of character – that of the prime minister,” Springer said.

Head of the St. Lucia UWI Open Campus Dr. Veronica Simon had defended Dr. Joseph’s statements, noting that they are all in stride with the university’s goal to cultivate students who can critically examine issues and raise the level of discourse in St. Lucia. She drew a comparison between Dr. Joseph’s statements and wrongful conclusions about coconut oil in the past, which was later debunked following research.

“That is what academic freedom is about. Now, you’re not going to chastise the person who said it was bad for you and say well he should be fired or whatever, because he said that. That was his right as an academic to present his research as he saw it even if it has been debunked later,” Dr. Simon said.

“So if Dr. Joseph has said something that needs to be debunked, somebody else, another academic, or even the non-academic or anybody who wishes to write and speak can debunk it and say ‘well he’s not making sense because of X,Y and Z and here is my argument… I am presenting my line of logic and you can see that there is a flaw in his logic and a flaw in his argument,” Dr. Simon had stated.



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  1. Denys Springer you present yourself as an academic yet your your response to Dr. Joseph is comparable to what I expect from a primary school student. Any scholar would have presented his/her own research or theories/arguments to refute the issues raised in the paper.

    Your response is clearly a case of attacking the messenger rather than the message. Frankly, you have been found wanting in matter.
    One would have expected that one who touts himself as member of academia would have not only risen to the challenge generating discourse on matters that are pertinent to the small island states of the Caribbean. Instead, like an academic dwarf you opted to engage in a brawl. Perhaps, it is in your best interest to maintain the high levels of functional illiteracy in a bid to fuel your dysfunctional thinking that somehow or in someway you your are an elite thinker; albeit you generally affiliated with @$$ kissing.

    Consequently, I have no choice but to dismiss your rant as an attempt to appear relevant in a environment which has reduced you to - dare I say obscurity.



  2. I guess Tennyson was right cuz Dr Kenny Anthony is a businessman and look at where we are now.....and if he is going the racist way, Dr Kenny Anthony is part white so......


    • business and Kenny have never been related. lawyers and teachers are the worst politicians. it has been proven here in st. lucia especially with the slp.


  3. I thought Dr. Joseph provided evidences by showing footage of the Prime Minister in Parliament. Is more evidence needed?


  4. Whilst Tennuson would have been legitimate or not in panning Chastanet's performance to give a blanket statement about businessmen- politicians makes no intellectual sense. Firstly how can you judge if someone is a good leader? What yardstick can you use and who is objective enough to do the measuring? Or if you posit that the electorate will be the judge your argument is null and void. To Tennyson I say if you wish to sometime in the future return to the political if you concern yourself more with Plateau than Plato, Marchand than Marx,, Conway than Coard and La Tourney than Lenin maybe you can win a seat. Also what's with the looks man last year you were trying the Cornel West look now you have the Mighty Gabby look, make up your mind!


    • That is why he has an enviable job as opposed to being a maggot living off the scraps of the elitist. Frankly, who wants to deal with the people in the land of function illeterates.

      I say let the Pied Piper rule.


  5. Why does anyone want to hear anything from Springer. He is the only person I know who is dumber than Dumb itself.


  6. The self acclaimed political pundit needs to shut up. He is clueless and a wannabe academic. Fly away with Flow DS.


  7. Tennyson is way off target. In order to get into politics, one needs to be a graduate of Eddie Guerrero's School for Scumbags. The motto is: "We Lie, We Cheat, We Steal."


  8. Denny Springer continues to make an associate of himself. If he study sociology he would a better understanding of different sociological perspectives. Come Denny stop kissing butts.


    • Mr Denys Springer attended Westminster University London where he read for a first degree in the Social Sciences with a focus on Political Sociology, Conservation and Rural Studies and Industrial Relations. Thereafter, he also successfully completed a Diploma in Labour Studies and Industrial Relations.
      This was later followed by a Master’s degree undertaken at Birkbeck College, London University in the areas of Conflict Resolution, Mediation and Arbitration, and then by the attainment of a Post Graduate Certificate in Education.


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