“I had the thoughts of killing my father…” – A YPG story

“I had the thoughts of killing my father…” – A YPG story

The disgrace started in my life when I was a small child.

In the house, there were five children along with my mother and father. They couldn’t provide much for us and poverty and misery were everywhere. We lacked food, the furniture in the house was old, and sadness was often seen on our faces.

I saw my parents struggle to provide the best for us and this drove me crazy. I did not accept this situation and I chose the wrong path that led me into all sorts of trouble.

I was still a child but already depressed because of the situation. At the age of 12 I decided to leave the house and I went to live on the streets, trying to make my life and my family’s life better, but it got worse. As much as I tried my life never changed. I was looking like a beggar; I started going from house to house.

I learnt to use drugs and I became addicted to cocaine and marijuana. My life became a real hell from the moment I started to sell drugs. My thoughts were that if I started to sell drugs I could make fast money and would give a better life to my family. All those thoughts were foolishness because I was selling the drugs and using the money for vanities. I was always owing the drug dealers. The dealers sent people to kill me and my life became a hide-and-seek and I had no peace.

I tried to end my sufferings because in my head were the constant thoughts of killing myself and this was always present in my mind. I tried many times to hang myself, cut my wrist and jump from a bridge. I didn’t know what to do anymore. I was in need of help but didn’t know how or where to get it.

I was always in war against other communities because my life had no meaning. I was robbing people, breaking houses, running away from police, and in that life I had lost many friends.

I remembered one day, I went to one of the communities and we fought against a gang and ran away. The following day they came after us…. I recognised that my life was going down the hill. I was possessed by evil.

I used to love to see blood and feel the taste of it in my mouth when fighting.

I had the thoughts of killing my father for nothing. My desire was to die and to bring an end to my problems but my efforts were not enough.

I found out about the YPG (Youth Power Group). I decided to take part of it because I saw in them a family I didn’t have. They taught me how to be a real man and how to overcome the low self-esteem. I learnt to fight for my future in the right way. I gave my life to Christ but it was not easy to change. The persecutions and temptations were always there trying to weigh me down but I persevere and today my life is completely changed. I help other youths to change their life as well.

– Ryan Stephen

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