I had an affair with my girlfriend’s mother

I had an affair with my girlfriend’s mother

Dear Willie: I am a 26-year-old man who has been with my girlfriend for two years. I am very close to her mother.

At first her mother did not like me, but after a few months of dating her daughter we got close. Her mother is single. We talk about anything under the sun.

When my girlfriend is not around and I am waiting at her home one day, me and her mom exchanged kisses playfully. This led from one thing to another. We both felt bad and it is killing me inside. Her mother is stressed about it as well. We still talk closely but we have vowed not to go down that path anymore.

Willie, this is burning my conscience. I love my girlfriend and don’t want to lose her but I don’t want to keep this is a secret. I can’t live with it. What should I do? Should I tell her what she and her mother did?

Dear sir: You have already set your own trap to the destruction of your relationship with your girlfriend. Nobody can deal with a partner cheating much less for one that involves their partner and parents having an affair.

At least you have a conscience to feel remorse, and I suggest you tell her and be over with otherwise you will never feel comfortable going to that house to spend time with your girlfriend. Your future with her afterwards can only be determined by her.


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  1. I can tell if you're below a certain fiscal bracket by the way most of you type things like," dis, da, dey, dat,n den sum spelln u tink iz iffishent"...But I'm sure most of whom butchers anything they influence are aware of your mental disadvantage,and do so knowingly. Intelligence always wins my friend. Don't bang her


  2. I have read it somewhere in the bible that it is a grievous sin to have sex with animals or close members of a family. Only the almighty can help you with this one.


  3. Someone needs to just bomb both u and your gf mother, cause she is nothing but a hoe and u a nasty dog......So frankly I dont care what happens to either of u,i just hope your gf is strong enough to handle the shock when she gets to know.......#whatkindofmothersleepswithherdaughtersbf#


  4. That happens all the time ,my mom hates my bf but i don't see that happening.i believe the mother wanted the guy when he met him and acted
    nasty towards him to hide his feelings.i feel bad for the daughter,imagine he shock and hate she'll have towards her mother.i think both should act responsibe for their affair and move on.


  5. i dont knw who more salop.... she didnt like you at first ....but she has the guts to spread her ole pussy for you ?? are you serious? Deal with the mother on a level... dat mother self is a ole hoe... all the like you didnt like the boy his dick you wanted inside you mama salop .... why some people so Jesus christ.. thats something for you to do.. farless putting it up on the internet... so just a sick and disgusting as her mother... Poorjab the girlfriend..... so much for her happy ending smh.... and talking bout you love her .....


  6. The only reason why your concience is killing you is because you did'nt hit that bro... You should have hit that cocout HARD. just keep it on the low.


  7. Wish i had an opportunity to sleep with my Mother-in-Law. 🙂

    They are well seasoned and aged and know how to please any man...So why not 🙂


    • OOoooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh AB. Your comments... I wonder about you sometimes.........


  8. I believe that the mother set the young man up. Note that he mentioned her dislike for him. She slept with him to prove that he is no good for her daughter so she could get him out of her daughters life, even at the risk of their own relationship.If he could sleep with her own mother then who won't he sleep with. I'm just saying. I still think the mother is a disgusting s*#op.


    • so true if he slept with the mother,he could have also done it with an outside girl,boy u are a cheater,leave with him and suffer the guilt


  9. ok.. this is sum messed up crap! ure saying u feel guilty and want to tell ur gf... my advise to u is quit being a selfish lil boy! even after the fact ure still thinking of ur own selfish needs... uve forgotten that the other woman is this girl's mother... u two have the potential to ruin what may very well be a very good woman with this utter nonsense. Think about this... how wud u feel if ur dad made ur gf's womb reach ehr throat???!!! exactly! Keep ur secret n walk away from this girl cuz u dont deserve her... confession will only make u feel better and destroy her... do the honourable thing n let her b but dont break her with this info...


  10. Man this is messed up ...! But it could happen to the best of us. A woman is a woman and feeling can develop without you even knowing it. I would not venture to judge or call either you or your mother in law nasty, but now that the deed is done, and for your conscience sake you should tell your girl and be ready or the consequences. If you don't your guilt will ruin your relationship anyway. BTW have you examined your true feelings for her mother? Was it just sex? Or are there real feelings involved? Just thinking.