I found two dildos in my boyfriend’s gym bag

I found two dildos in my boyfriend’s gym bag
Not the bag and contents referred to in the article. Photo is for dramatization purposes.

(This article originally appeared in the Jamaica Star newspaper)

So, I have been with this guy for about four years. He is good with my kids, and he will give me just about anything I asked for.

Well, everything except time, because whenever he is not at work, the majority of his free time is with his brethrens. On any given day, I could find him playing dominoes, at the casino or so on. His friendship with one of the guys creep me out a bit, as even church they would go together, and he would never invite me or the children. He is always chatting about him. I remember one day, he was going through his phone, and while he had just about nine pictures of me, he had exactly 747 photos of his friend in an album titled ‘my best linky’.

I found that strange, so I decided to confront him about it, and he got so upset and asked me if I was accusing him of being gay. I left it where it was, but my sixth sense told me that I had something to worry about.

I don’t know if I am overthinking, but he seems to like sex from behind most times. If I try to get on top, his ‘tool’ gets soft like porridge, but once I turn around, he is hard like a rock again. Although he says he is not into anal sex, he keeps touching my anus with his fingers during intercourse.

But STAR, just a few weeks ago, I think I got enough evidence when I was searching through his gym bag. Not only did I find a pair of boxers that wasn’t his, I also found two big, black dildos.

When I confronted him, he said they were for me. But they weren’t in a package, and they looked used. Plus, he couldn’t explain why I would want two dildos, and I never once expressed interest in sex toys.

Up to this day, he is trying to convince me that the underpants belong to him. But deep down I just think I have a male matie, and I will not stay in this relationship.



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