“I forgive you” — Botham Jean’s brother hugs Amber Guyger following witness impact statement

“I forgive you” — Botham Jean’s brother hugs Amber Guyger following witness impact statement

(WFAA) — After Amber Guyger was sentenced to 10 years in prison, victim impact statements took place in the courtroom.

Botham Jean’s brother Brandt went first, speaking about his brother.

“If you truly are sorry, I know I can speak for myself, I forgive you. I know if you go to God and ask him, he will forgive you,” said Brandt Jean.

Following his speech, Brandt Jean asked Judge Tammy Kemp if he could give Guyger a hug.

They hold each other while audibly crying for about a full minute, hug each other multiple times and share a few words together.

Shortly after they embraced, Judge Tammy Kemp came off the bench to speak to Guyger and gave her the gift of a Bible. The judge and Guyger also shared a hug following that moment.

Then Judge Kemp visited with Botham Jean’s family, sharing hugs and quiet words on the side of the courtroom.

Here’s more of Brandt Jean’s statement:

“If you truly are sorry, I can speak for myself, I forgive and I know if you go to God and ask him, he will forgive you. And I don’t think anyone can say it, again I’m speaking for myself… but I love you just like anyone else. And I’m not gonna say I hope you rot and die just like my brother did but I presently want the best for you. And I wasn’t going to ever say this in front of my family or anyone, but I don’t even want you to go to jail. I want the best for you, because I know that’s exactly what Botham would want you to do. And the best would be to give your life to Christ. I’m not going to say anything else. I think giving your life to Christ would be the best thing that Botham would want you to do. Again I love you as a person and I don’t wish anything bad on you. I don’t know if this is possible, but can I give her a hug, please? Please?”


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  1. All these Christians running off the mouth about forgiveness is a bunch of idiots !! I never like Christians, they are the direct descendants of house negros, they are the weakest amongst us all, they worship an IDOL (White Jesus). Didn't Exodus 20 told you to stop worshiping IDOLS ?

    Don't Listen to these people about forgiveness, in order to forgive someone the person must show that they are sorry for what they have done and it's up to you if you want to grant forgiveness... You can't just go giving forgiveness to everyone and they have not repented or showed that they are sorry.

    What Botham brother did the was a weak slave mentality move. Why are you begging to hug the person that kill your love one and she haven't shown any remorse for what she has done? Why?

    These IDOL(White Jesus) Worshipers always wanna forgiveness with out cause, they are weak they don't know them selves and they don't love them selves as black people so they will go about loving and forgiving everything white …. But let that be another black person and you will see all hell will break loose see how much forgive ness they will give.

    Exodus 20 for you IDOL worshipers !


  2. The two of you up there talking about forgiving you stupid as hell. That’s that slave mentality. Forgiveness is not mandatory you don’t have to forgive anyone.

    You only forgive if the person hurting you have shown remorse for their actions. You see black people have issues. You will forgive the white woman that kill your brother but when is another black person oh hell has to be paid.

    Botham bother is a pussified black man...how many times must you love your oppressor. I never see no white person come an hug when a black person kill their love one but leave it up to black people to bow to white folks, and you have black judges part taking in the unjust sentencing.

    10 years she got she will be out in 5 years any black person would of got 15 -25 years. After all the police brutality black people face in this country you have the ordassity to sit up there and hug the person that murdered you family member. Really

    That’s why I don’t like you Christians you somehow think justice is a bad thing and you must forgive without any expectation from the person who did wrong. Smh

    The man was inside his apartment not bothering no one she went looking to kill him... and if you listen to testimony from the trial she didn’t even give cpr she was trained to do and you sit up there hugging your oppressor....

    How long will you continue to be a slave !! That’s why I don’t like you Christians you believe in fantasy and you just plain brain wash and stupid and got don’t like stupid people.


  3. This gesture, in all its heartwarming, selfless and profoundly bold glory, was indeed a true representation of what genuine Christianity is and had me very emotional. Bravo to you young man, and hallelujah to the King of Kings, our Lord, and Saviour Jesus Christ for your uplifting of His name on such a grand and global scale! While many(including professed Christians) have chosen to despise and condemn Amber for her transgression of one of God's commandments, they continue to disobey and transgress this law with every day that passes, yet expect to be forgiven by God and allowed entry into heaven. This only serves to show that the vast majority of us have not the slightest inclination of what it means to be a Christian. Of course, no-one should trivialize the loss of Botham, but we must all be mindful that our days on this earth are numbered. Perhaps also, Botham was ready to die, as his salvation had already been secured. It remains for those of us who are still in the land of the living, to do likewise. I am certain that if Jesus was walking the earth today, He would have forgiven Amber and would have told her to go and sin no more. To be a Christian is to be Christ-like. Thank you, Mr. Jean, for displaying to the world exactly what this looks like.


  4. St.Lucia!!! A shining beacon unto the world restoring faith in humanity. You, sir, have made me more proud than words can describe and taught me something precious about my own needed improvements in forgiveness and goodness. I am so sorry for your loss, I hope you may find solace in knowing that your enlightened actions have undoubtedly improved the lives of many, myself included. Proud to be a Lucian, always have been, always will. Please will someone hand me a box of tissues, thanks.


  5. This really bring tears to my eyes, this young is truly a man of God, how many would do this?? This forgiveness also helps to heal the wound in the police officer heart.i believe i would have done the same. I will say this and i know its going to happend , she is going to give her heart to christ, let us all pray for her. The young man allready gave his life to christ thank God for that. Forgiveness is a healer to the mind body and soul.


  6. Botham's brother, you have supremely.honoured Christ in forgiving and demonstrating your love and forgiveness in pleading to hug and hugging Amber. This is the love that heals an offender and calms nations and changes hearts. Heaven has recorded your actions and godliness.
    "Oh love of God, how rich and pure, how measureless and strong, it shall forever more endure, the saints and angels song."


    • My boy, this is what it is to be christ- like. The bible says that we should love our enemies and do good to them that hate us. Never consider rendering evil for evil. You moved me to tears because you expressed my exact thoughts. I had family members upset with me for saying exactly what you said. I hope Amber gives her life to Christ. You could play a part by continuing to communicate with her. God will bless you.

      It is a very unfortunate incident, unfortunate for all involved; but I feel that the lady genuinely mistook the apartment and she has shown remorse. God will forgive her. We like to play the race card too much.


  7. Thank you young man you represent Chrit to millions. We show your humanity and Christianity at its best. You could go to bed knowing Christ was pleased with you.


    • This is not about Christ or christianity. This is about the damn colonial mentality and worshiping a white God.


    • This is not about Christ or Christianity. This is about the colonial mentality and the worshiping of a white God.


    • "Oh To be like thee, oh to be like thee; precious redeemer, pure as thou art. Come in thy sweetness, come in thy fullness; stamp thine own image deep on my heart."

      I believe that this young Jean has sung this song many a time and really means it.


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