I expect less disruptions when Augier Combined reopens – Minister

I expect less disruptions when Augier Combined reopens – Minister
Education Minister Dr. Robert Lewis
Education Minister Dr. Robert Lewis
Education Minister Dr. Robert Lewis

Almost four weeks after the Augier Combined School was closed due to foul odour and other pollutants emanating from nearby poultry farms, the school will be finally reopened next week.

Education Minister Dr. Robert Lewis said this was made possible through the hard work of several government ministries, Invest Saint Lucia and the Royal Saint Lucia Police Fore (RSLPF).

“I want to tell the parents that I appreciate their patience. The parents have shown great resolve, patience and maturity in that situation,” Dr. Lewis told the media on Tuesday.

He said as minister of education, the interest and education of children are first and foremost, and while he recognizes that agriculture is an important aspect of life, agriculture practices should not disrupt the education of children.

At least two farms have been cleaned and a third will be cleaned shortly. However, this does not mean that all the issues will be automatically resolved.

“I expect there to be less disruptions for the school because the government’s position right now is all the farms around the Augier School should be relocated by summer this year.”

The government has asked Invest Saint Lucia to identify proper land for these farmers and once they are relocated, it will put to rest an issue that has been ongoing for close to 10 years.

While the school remains closed to allow for cleaning and sanitization of the buildings, classes for the Grade six students preparing for the Common Entrance Examination is being held in the Parish Hall of the Augier Roman Catholic Church, from Monday April 11th to Friday April 15th, 2016.

However, all classes will resume fully on Monday, April 25, 2016.


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  1. With all this issue going on why is it that the pre school which is in closer proximity to the farms has never shut down due to the issues that the school is claiming there????? There are much younger students going there. This victimisation needs to stop. We all need each other. The school could have co exist with the farms. It is not what they are saying. This principal is not speaking the truth. I have been to both the farm n school n i cannot see what stench that they are talkin about. Also what did they do with the ppls livelihoods??? They need to speak the truth.


  2. All good and well the kids will be back in school... But where is the undisclosed location that the farm was relocated to? Is it really the garbage dump?


    • Good question.... All they're saying is relocated but not even the farmers know where this location is or what has been done with their animals smfh


  3. You should be ashamed to produce a news release on this issue. After years of complaints only now? You have not represented your education very well. You and Kenny make a good case for giving regular folks a try. Very unlikely that they can do worse. Why wasn't this dealt with during the long vacation? Why play election games with the children who are the future.? Sadly this will not stop until politicians are held to their campaign promises. You Sir, were supposed to be different, what happened? Why have you failed so miserably? Most of you politicians are just as the Calypso said, "A curse on the common man." What a shame though, I hope we can get some change at least a little more feeling and caring and less self promotion.


  4. The farmers have bills and families to take care of. This is an injustice and the government needs to set it straight. You can't just take away peoples lively hood from them. One of u useless asses should come on here and say where the farmers have been relocated to and what happened to all their livestock???? There's more than one side to every story


  5. How can government ministers lie and say they have relocated the farmers when all they did was show up with police and ssu, with their guns and packed up all animals and left with them. The farmers have not been TD where the animals were taken or if they will be compensated in any way for their loss


  6. Was wondering also why it took so long to resolve this matter. Thanks to blogger Jean Valjean, NOW I KNOW!


  7. My alma mater......There was only one farm there which caused very little issues but they allowed the other two to operate and that is when the issues began. The farmers are stubborn and greedy and government should have forced them to be relocated them years ago!




  9. It took so long because everything was scheduled to start at this time
    just before elections; now you know.


  10. It was about time, don't know why it took so long. The people who have the farm there went to school there, their parents and kids also that should have been taken care of years ago. Its ashame never expect to see this drag for such a long time.


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