“I don’t want to go back there,” says teenage mother released from jail

“I don’t want to go back there,” says teenage mother released from jail


After weeks of mounting pressure on the authorities to release a teenage mother from jail, officials from the Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF) have finally decided to let her free.

The teenager was released on Wednesday morning and the first words she uttered to the local press was, “I don’t want to go back there. I made mistakes, but I learnt from my mistakes.”

The 17-year-old mother disclosed that she was being harassed by another female inmate who is currently in prison for  murder, but said she was not otherwise abused or mistreated.

Only on Monday, Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia issued a statement calling again for her release and expressing disappointment that she was being held in a maximum security prison.

Human Rights activist Mary Francis had also called for her release.

The teenager was 4 months pregnant when she was placed behind bars for intentionally causing harm.

She later gave birth at Victoria Hospital and was transferred to a special unit of the prison.


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  1. Well we should call for the release of many more if it was so easy. And i bed there are some men in prison for the same reason y are u not preaching their release mary


  2. no. they release her because she served her time. All the ranting from all them SOCALLED groups didnt change a thing. Officials had already said she would complete serving her time soon after she gave birth. her sentence run its course she is released. I firmly believe that she giving birth by no means should have privileged her to be released. We are all treated fairly by the law. Since we also have father who have newborns .Are they to be released?


    • Lol! Have you been living under a rock? To suggest that we are all treated fairly... This must not be the Lucia I know where it's all about who knows who.


  3. o one should take credit cause her sentence ended today. Hope she keep up to her words,if not for her but for the baby's sake


  4. so whos responsible for releasing her is it the facility or they have to take this to a judge. and i hope yall know as yall released her be prepared to release other pregnant prisoners also.


  5. Oh ho. So that's how it works. let me go tiff something and then say I don't want to be in there. Lawless place. You woman enough to do the crime. Stick your ar$3 in jail.


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